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Client Profile

Global Telecommunications services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses, and other service providers in dozens of countries.


Continuous improvement of the customer experience is a mission-critical process. Although engaging employees and dealers in this process were identified as a key strategy, no single tool existed to allow employee issues and inputs to be heard and evaluated.


Single global SharePoint-based customer experience innovation portal where employees and dealers can submit issues preventing the delivery of world-class customer experiences or suggestions for improving those experiences. Custom search tools and workflow processes support streamlined evaluation and disposition/action plans for submissions.

Business Benefits

  • An efficient closed-loop mechanism for surfacing key issues affecting the customer experience encourages employee participation
  • The centralized database provides key intelligence on patterns and trends affecting the customer experience
  • SharePoint workflow process ensures consistency and accountability in the evaluation of submissions
  • Employee engagement maximized by providing access via both desktop and mobile browser-based SharePoint solutions

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