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Client Profile

A US-based telecom provider of mobile services offering voice, video, data, and internet communications to consumers, businesses and governmental agencies.


As part of the telecom provider’s effort to modernize all of their on-premise SharePoint applications to Microsoft 365 (M365),  this initiative was to modernize their Marketing HUB application to M365.

The application itself is a document repository where Marketing documents are uploaded, tagged against user-selected topic categories, and then reviewed and approved for display within the application. The application also provides the ability to filter documents based on their tagged categories to improve overall findability of Marketing documents.


ThreeWill partnered with the telecom provider to migrate and modernize their SharePoint on-premises Marketing HUB to Microsoft 365 using out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 modern SharePoint capabilities without loss of desired functionality.

ThreeWill worked side by side with the Marketing business lead to educate them on how to work within the modern Microsoft 365 SharePoint platform (e.g., working with web parts, adding quick links, adding content and documents, etc.) so that the Marketing team could then complete updates to the site with their own final graphics, design, look-and-feel and content.

Business Benefits

Modernization of the Marketing HUB to Microsoft 365 using standard out-of-the-box modern SharePoint features allowed for the application to transform from a “custom-programmed” application to a “configuration-based” application. Being configuration-based puts the control of the application and the user experience in the hands of the business, thereby no longer requiring IT resources to be involved whenever changes or updates to the application are needed.

Moving the application into Microsoft 365 also allowed for an improved and refreshed user interface based on Microsoft’s M365 “modern” SharePoint experience.

Lastly, moving the application to Microsoft 365 also benefits the telecom provider through the removal of the costs associated with having to manage their on-premises servers and infrastructure used to support the application. In summary, modernizing the Marketing HUB in Microsoft 365 really put the application in the hands of the business and no longer in IT, and created a greatly improved, modern user experience.



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