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Client Profile

Global Telecommunications services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses, and other service providers in dozens of countries.


The client’s previous process to find and track all National Mobility Voice and Non-Voice Promotional information was highly inefficient, resulting in a lack of timely and accurate analysis for determining the return on the investments being made in product promotions. Some of the specific challenges being faced by this client were:

  • Multiple spreadsheets and collaboration via email attachments
  • Incomplete data for reporting and analysis
  • Poor data integrity due to free-from-entry of product information
  • Limited visibility to promotions over specific timeframes
  • Product promotion information held in multiple applications
  • No automated integration with Palantir reporting and analysis solutions
  • Lack of timely and accurate tracking of the impact of promotions on device unit sales


ThreeWill designed and implemented an Offer Tracking application in a centralized location to manage and store all National promotional offers leveraging the M365 Platform.  This includes the creation of a new business application to capture promotional information and to provide the ability to search and view all active and inactive promotions.  Power Automate Flows were used to generate data from the Offer Tracking solution needed within other business applications to support detailed promotion/product analysis and reporting.  The solution also includes a custom search feature that enables finding promotions and products using various filters, with search results displayed in a list view or a Gantt Chart Calendar view.

Business Benefits

The key business benefits experienced by the client from the implementation of this Offer Tracking application are listed below.

  • Elimination of manually tracking product promotions in spreadsheets and collaborating on these promotions via email attachments
  • Creation of a single solution for the management and tracking of all national product promotions
  • Ability to view a calendar of promotions by promotion or by-products
  • Capability to view the history of all promotions over the lifetime of a product
  • Improved promotion and product data consistency to ensure more granular and accurate reporting of promotions
  • Improved integration with other business applications to enable an analysis of the impact a promotion is having on actual product sales


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