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project team collaboration

Project Team Collaboration

Danny Ryan talks with Bruce Harple, VP of Delivery, about project team collaboration and goes into depth about: team alignment, communication, execution, and inspecting and adapting.
Walkthrough of PnP PowerShell Provisioning

Walkthrough of PnP PowerShell Provisioning for ‘Modern’ SharePoint Site Collections

Kristi Webb helps us with a walkthrough of PnP PowerShell provisioning for 'Modern' SharePoint Site Collections, screenshots and all!
OneNote vs Teams Wiki

OneNote vs Teams Wiki for Meeting Notes

Bob Morris explores methods for Collaborative Notes in Modern Meetings. This post can serve as a user guide for taking notes on OneNote and Microsoft Teams.
Auditing Microsoft Teams Edited Posts

Unable to Audit Microsoft Teams Edited Posts

Rob Horton shares what he learned recently on a project about whether you can audit Microsoft Teams to learn about content that was edited by end users.
Microsoft Teams and Yammer Together

Using Microsoft Teams and Yammer Together

Co-Hosts Danny and Tommy Ryan talk about using Microsoft Teams and Yammer together for collaboration inside of ThreeWill.
slack enterprise grid alternatives

Slack Enterprise Grid Alternatives – Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for Slack Enterprise Grid alternatives? If you've invested in Office 365, you'll want to look at Microsoft Teams.
inboxes in office 365

Not Another Inbox – Dealing with the Proliferation of Inboxes in Office 365

Tommy and Danny Ryan reunite to discuss how to deal with the proliferation of inboxes in Office 365. The outcome is some practical advice.
microsoft building

Yammer vs Office 365 Groups vs Microsoft Teams

Tommy Ryan and Danny Ryan discuss Yammer vs Office 365 Groups vs Microsoft Teams in this episode of the ThreeWill Podcast.
slack vs microsoft teams

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Tommy chats with Danny about Slack vs. Microsoft Teams, if you've ever wondered what the core differences are give it a listen, it's a good one!
microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams Primer – It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Microsoft Teams, ThreeWill Podcast /
Tommy and Danny Ryan chat about Microsoft Teams Primer and how it's kind of a big deal. Tune in to this episode of the infamous ThreeWill Podcast!
microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams: Step-by-Step Intro

Microsoft Teams /
Learn more about using, enabling and managing the experience of Microsoft Teams. It makes it easier for you to chat in groups, socialize, and collaborate.
microsoft technology center

Envisioning Session at the Atlanta Microsoft Technology Center

Tommy chats with Danny about an Envisioning Session at the Microsoft Technology Center ...