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Client Profile

Global Telecom services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses, and other service providers in dozens of countries.


The client desired to migrate and update the on-premise SharePoint MDF (Marketing Development Funds) management application to a modern Microsoft 365 solution.


The custom MDF application was migrated and modernized from an Angular application to a React-based SPFx solution. This involved migrating existing data into M365 SharePoint and performing a lift-and-shift conversion of the custom application. Working with the client, enhancements and improvements were defined and implemented during the application conversion. These changes encompassed tightening up the request creation form and process flow as well as improvements to the reporting and fund tracking capabilities.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced request form including better error messaging and required field handling.
  • Improved workflow process to be streamlined and eliminate unnecessary stages.
  • Created new stages for tracking of funds when in interim states.
  • Added the capability to track and report the funding source and request type.
  • Updated and improved process flow of information to and from the OEM, re-activated the ability to allow OEMs back into the MDF application to do direct reviews and approvals of a request for funds.


The true value of technology initiatives is realized after implementation based on the ability of users to deliver targeted business outcomes through solution adoption and proficiency. Maximizing this ability requires an intentional user-focused adoption and change management strategy. Our approach is end-user-focused with tight integration between behavioral changes and technology literacy.


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