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Whether looking for new certification opportunities, looking for the latest testing tools or just needing a refresher on some common QA practices, it’s essential that testers have a place to go for answers. Here are three of my favorite Software Testing resources on the web.


The American Software Testing Qualifications Board is the US board for the ISTQB software testing certification, which is internationally recognized. You can find testing-related certifications in other places like through Microsoft, but not to the level offered here. The entire organization is dedicated to software testing, with many different types of certification including Foundation Level testing, Agile Testing, Mobile Testing, Test Management, Performance Testing, and many more. I have completed several certifications myself and highly recommend them. They also put out newsletters, podcasts, and webinars on a regular basis.


Oldie but a goody. This one I do not frequent as much nowadays as a few years back, but it has helped me a ton over my career. There is good stuff here for any level of a software tester. There are tutorials, courses, videos, testing templates, e-books, and more. Most of this is 100% free. They have complete guides to just about any kind of testing you can think of. Unfortunately, the site is a little too ad-heavy, but it’s bearable. I recommend this site for anyone in testing, especially beginners.


James Bach, the Founder, and CEO of Satisfice, Inc., created what he calls the Rapid Software Testing Methodology, I like the RST relies more heavily on the human aspect of testing and less on the documentation, test cases, etc. I have always felt that exploratory and ad-hoc testing ten to uncover more bugs, and more critical bugs, more quickly. Using the tester’s experience and just diving in head-first lets their mind and intuition lead the way rather than a pre-written script. This is especially beneficial with agile projects where requirements seem to always be changing, leaving testers with sometimes only a couple of days at the end of the Sprint to plan AND test. While I may not agree with everything Mr. Bach has to say about testing, there is plenty of good info here, and a great blog as well.

Closing Thoughts

As development practices continue to evolve, so does testing. No matter how seasoned you are, you should always strive to get better and keep learning. While these are some of my personal favorite resources, there are countless others that can help keep you in the loop and up to date on modern QA practices.


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