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SharePoint 2013 represents Microsoft’s first cloud-focused release of the SharePoint product line, along with a complete rework of the application development architecture. As businesses consider a move to SharePoint 2013 they will have to make decisions about whether and/or how to embrace the new cloud environment while maintaining their investment in existing SharePoint customization. This webinar delivers a broad overview of the new environment with the goal of kick-starting the decision making process.


IT Leaders, IT Resources, Business Stakeholders


Thursday, July 18th at 3PM EST


  1. Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online
    1. New features
    2. Cloud and on-premise capabilities
    3. Demonstration: SharePoint Online
  2. SharePoint 2013 App Model
    1. Deployment models
    2. Demonstration: “Hello World”
  3. SharePoint 2013 Security
    1. User and App identity
    2. OAuth/SSO
    3. Demonstration: Application identity
  4. Hybrid Environments
    1. Search
    2. Business Connectivity Services
    3. Demonstration: Using hybrid search

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