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As an IT consultant, I work with many different customers across many different types of businesses. Most of these companies have some version of SharePoint already installed. What I consistently find is that most users don’t understand the potential for SharePoint to assist them in managing some of the routine processes that they participate in on a daily basis. And, to make matters worse, their experience with SharePoint is generally negative as they are asked to maintain documents in SharePoint within a site structure that they don’t really understand.

The Good

I have recently worked with an organization where we automated the management of refunds, purchase orders, invoices and requests for expenditure using SharePoint lists and SharePoint Designer workflows. Each solution was relatively low-cost and has been well received by people who are glad to no longer route paper copies for approval. In addition, everyone involved in the process can now get a real-time update to see where the refund, purchase order, invoice and request for expenditure is in the approval process.

Those responsible for entering approved purchase orders and invoices into the accounting system get real-time notifications when items are ready to be entered. In addition, custom views of the data are available to show current work items. Those people who initiate the refunds, purchase orders and invoices receive real-time notification when their requests are approved. Users who are required to approve the requests receive real-time email notifications requesting their approval. The approval can be handled within the Outlook client by clicking the “Open Task” button in the Outlook ribbon. The information required for approval can be included in the Notification email, in the Approval form, or a link can be established back to the item that requires review.

Enabling JQuery

Where desired and budget allows, the data entry process can be enhanced by leveraging jquery to enable/disable specific fields based on the users role in the process so that fields related to “Finance” are only updated by the individual in the process who handles the interface to the Financial system. Data entry fields can be enhanced to include more modern “type-ahead” filtering where the available options are limited by the text entered into the text box. The possibilities are endless based upon requirements and budget.

Screenshots from No Code SharePoint Solutions

Here’s a couple of screen shots from one of our recent no code SharePoint solutions:

User uploads document and enters related invoice information.

 Approval Workflow is started and approvers receive email notifcation with “Open this Task” option that allows them to approve all within the Outlook client.

The approver is presented with an approval form that contains the appropriate information to allow them to update the request and either approve or reject the request.

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