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Client Profile

Large global media and entertainment company operating in 200 countries in 30 languages.


The customer had a legacy mature implementation of SharePoint 2010 on-premises. A Strategic decision to move to O365/SharePoint Online was made.  This created a need for a hybrid implementation.


Ensuring a rich user experience required two key areas to be addressed for the hybrid environment: profile synchronization and search.  To maintain a consistent user profile, ThreeWill built a custom profile synchronization application and profile page redirector.  For Search,  Online and On-Prem were federated taking into account authentication, redirects, refiners, security trimming, and result blocks.

Business Benefits

  • Significant software license savings via leverage of Microsoft Web Apps
  • Legacy content maintained while eliminating migration fees
  • Rich, consistent user experience regardless if Online or On-Prem
  • Faster time to production
  • Reduced administration and support costs
  • Mobility

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