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tools for Sharepoint developers

4 Tools for SharePoint Development that I’ve Been Using

Caroline Sosebee fills us in on some recent tools for SharePoint development. She is following up on her previous blog post.
Auto Generate Created / Updated Field in EF Core

How to Auto Generate Created / Updated Field in EF Core

Matthew Chestnut fills us in on a common way .NET developers can auto generate the created / updated field in Entity Framework Core.
Office Addins

Office Addins and the Digital Workplace

Pete Skelly and Danny Ryan talk about the new world of Office Addins and how building custom add-ins can become a part of your modern digital workplace.
Automate Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Automate Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Pete Skelly and Danny Ryan discuss how to automate Microsoft Teams provisioning with a Microsoft Graph custom batch connector.
Outgrowing Microsoft Excel

Outgrowing Microsoft Excel (and What to Do About It)

Bruce Harple and Danny Ryan talk about how to address the issue of outgrowing Excel and creating the key line of business applications for your business.
SharePoint Effective Permissions

SharePoint Effective Permissions

Bo George shares lessons learned about SharePoint effective permissions and which method worked for him consistently.
Remove-PnPListItem vs Remove-PnPFile

Why Use Remove-PnPListItem vs Remove-PnPFile?

Will Holland points out why you should use Remove-PnPListItem vs Remove-PnPFile...
Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp

Atlanta Office 365 Developer Bootcamp 2018

Register now to the Atlanta Office 365 Developer Bootcamp coming up on November 4th, 2018 at the Microsoft Office in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Large SharePoint REST

Dealing with Insanely Large SharePoint REST calls

Bo George shares his insights and expertise when making large SharePoint REST calls. Learn about how batching can help you address this situation and check out a great code sample from Bo.
SharePoint People Picker

SharePoint People Picker Lessons Learned

Bo George shares what he's learned over the years while adding a SharePoint People Picker to custom apps that utilize the public APIs.
Employee Suggestion Program

Create an Employee Suggestion Program using Office 365

Bob Morris shows how to use Microsoft Flow to combine Microsoft Teams, Forms, and Planner in a simple way to create an employee suggestion program.
Freeze Column Headers in SharePoint Like in Excel

Freeze Column Headers in SharePoint Like in Excel

Caroline Sosebee walks you through how to freeze column headers in SharePoint like you can in Excel. Learn what open source script you need along with code samples to get this all set up.
minimum viable product

Creating a Minimum Viable Product with SharePoint and Angular

Matthew Chestnut and Danny Ryan talk about speed in development by creating Minimum Viable Products with SharePoint and Angular.
Angular vs React

Angular vs React – A SharePoint Journey

Bo George describes his journey as he moves to the SharePoint Framework and compares using Angular vs React in this thought-provoking blog post.
JavaScript Code

How to Display Number of Days Since a SharePoint List Item was Last Opened

Caroline Sosebee walks through code where she shows the number of days elapsed between the date opened and the current date anytime the item was displayed.
Push Pull

Pulling Managed Metadata Values via REST

Caroline Sosebee shares something she recently learned about pulling Managed Metadata values via REST. She provides plenty of code samples.
Using Angular 4.0 with TypeScript 2.5 Best Practice

Using Angular 4.0 with TypeScript 2.5 Best Practice

Matthew Chestnut shares a best practice when using Angular 4.0 with TypeScript.
angular 4 routing

Angular 4 Routing Roundup

Principal Consultant Bo George does a roundup of things he's learned while starting to using Routing in Angular 4.
Microsoft Ignite 2017

Microsoft Ignite 2017 – 5 Key Takeaways from a SharePoint Consultant

Bo George goes through the five key takeaways from the Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference through the eyes of a SharePoint Consultant.
automate sharepoint list testing

Automate Testing SharePoint Lists with PnP, Angular 2.0 and TypeScript

Bo George walks you through how to automate testing SharePoint lists with PnP, Angular 2.0 and TypeScript. Plenty of code samples and guidance in this post.