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Coveo Multiple Languages

Supporting Multiple Languages in a Coveo Search Site

Office 365 Search /
Tim Coalson shares key things to know when supporting multiple languages on a website that uses Coveo for search.
coveo search primer

Coveo Search Primer with Tim Coalson

It's that time again, Danny Ryan sits down with Tim Coalson and catches up with his recent project and learns about Coveo search...
SharePoint People Picker

SharePoint People Picker Lessons Learned

Bo George shares what he's learned over the years while adding a SharePoint People Picker to custom apps that utilize the public APIs.
azure search primer

Azure Search Primer with Eric Bowden

Office 365 Search, ThreeWill Podcast /
Danny Ryan sits down with Eric Bowden about what you need to know about getting started with Azure Search (especially if coming from SharePoint Search).
Find anything in sharepoint

Find Anything in SharePoint with Amazon-Like Faceted Search Webinar

Your host Danny Ryan and guest speakers Ross Leher and Bo George talk about how to find anything in SharePoint using Amazon-like Faceted Search.

SharePoint Search Error – “Sorry, something went wrong”

Office 365 Search /
If you're getting the "Sorry, something went wrong" when doing a SharePoint search, check out this article to see if it solves your problem.
i love my job

My Infatuation with Managed Metadata and Term Sets

Bo George loves his job and it shows - read about how he has become infatuated with using managed metadata and term sets for clients.
sharepoint online people picker

SharePoint Online People Picker Observations

Kirk Liemohn digs into the details when it comes to the SharePoint Online people picker.
customer experience in sharepoint

Top 5 Reasons to Manage Customer Experience in SharePoint

Matthew Chestnut shares the Top 5 Reasons to Manage Customer Experience in SharePoint.
SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Environments and Search

SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Environments and Search

In this article Kirk Liemohn, Principal Engineer at ThreeWill, takes Hybrid Environments in SharePoint 2013 out for a spin...
enterprise sharepoint search

Enterprise SharePoint Search Webinar

Watch this webinar on Enterprise SharePoint Search from John Underwood of ThreeWill.
A Tasking Exercise - Working with SharePoint Tasks

A Tasking Exercise – Working with SharePoint Tasks

Technical Evangelist John Underwood helps you get it done by searching for tasks across sites and creating your first search-driven application.
Kirk's Takeaways from #spc12

Kirk’s Takeaways from #spc12

Kirk Liemohn, Principal Software Engineer at ThreeWill, shares his initial impressions from the recent SharePoint Conference (spc12) in Las Vegas.
ContentType SQL Query Tip

ContentType SQL Query Tip

Office 365 Search /
Learn how to use ContentType in a full text SQL query from Kirk Liemohn, Principal Software Engineer.
Custom Search Refiners

Custom Search Refiners

Will Holland shares what you need to know about improving SharePoint Search with Custom Search Refiners. Take advantage of this important way to help increase productivity.
Security Trimming Secrets

Security Trimming Secrets

Principal Software Engineer Kirk Liemohn shares a couple of the dirty little secrets about SharePoint 2010 Search Security Trimming and what you need to know to stay out of trouble...
breaking moss search

Breaking MOSS Search

Office 365 Search, Office 365 Security /
Kirk shares how to handle a nice little nasty error where an unavailable security trimmer will end up breaking MOSS Search.
viewing scopes

Viewing Scopes

ThreeWiller Kirk Liemohn shares a lesson learned about MOSS 2007 Search. Namely, that viewing scopes executes security trimmers. Learn more...
sharepoint wildcard searching

SharePoint Wildcard Searching

The good news is that Ontolica provides a free SharePoint Wildcard Searching tool which can easily be installed in a MOSS 2007 SharePoint site.