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Client Profile

Mid-sized engineering corporation based in Georgia.


Onboarding new employees was very time consuming, exacerbated by email chaos of finding the right internal training video for the right person and the right time. The Leadership team also looking to drive organizational change around team collaboration and a sense of community among employees.


Microsoft 365 SharePoint based Intranet Portal configured to support a video management system for employee training and to support the HR Onboarding process and related forms. Leveraging other capabilities of Microsoft 365 to drive employee collaboration including Yammer as the focal point for establishing a Community and associated Groups for discussions, document collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Business Benefits

  • Rapid launch of intranet portal based on Microsoft 365
  • Hands-on training as the portal was designed and built, providing highly effective design and support knowledge transfer from ThreeWill
  • A single portal for management and viewing of critical video content
  • A more structured repeatable Employee Onboarding process with supporting content
  • Employee sharing and collaboration around business problems, challenges, solutions and overall experiences
  • No IT support required to sustain the solution

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