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Client Profile

The Georgia Secretary of State registers voters, tracks annual corporate filings, grants, and professional licenses, and oversees the state’s securities market.


Georgia Secretary of State wanted to work collaboratively with ThreeWill to improve the previously developed Pay Express invoice payment solution. The enhancements will ensure that all invoices received are processed faster, with the elimination of any manual processing which further reduces invoice processing errors or omissions.


ThreeWill enhanced the Pay Express Homepage and created a corresponding user interface that allows Procurement officers to work more efficiently with emailed invoices.  A UX was created for quicker and easier processing of emailed invoices into an existing procurement process.

  • Collaboratively worked with GA SOS to help ensure the process was fully understood, including the creation of a detailed Pay Express Invoice Flow process diagram. UX Wireframes were also created so procurement users could better visualize the improved flow and experience.
  • Enhanced the Homepage that shows existing tasks and staged email invoices to allow a user to initiate the processing of a staged email invoice.
  • Created the ability for a procurement officer to manage emailed invoices from a document library within Pay Express.
  • Created an archiving mechanism for the invoice staging library.
  • Worked with GA SOS to enable SharePoint to accept incoming emails being sent automatically to the new invoice staging library.

Business Benefits

The enhancements gave the Georgia Secretary of State Procurement team a better understanding of the overall Pay Express solution. By creating a process map, the team has a more granular audit trail for the processing of invoices. This has helped to ensure that all invoices received are processed in a timely manner, removing the need for manual stamping, and saving time for procurement officers. Another benefit has improved the disposition of invoices into the appropriate locations to further improve procurement user efficiency.

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