Popcorn from ThreeWill

Popcorn from ThreeWill

You’re a salesperson and you use Salesforce. That means you spend a lot of time on your mobile phone and a lot of time in Salesforce, but what if you could unify the phone calls with the Salesforce activities? Popcorn combines the power of select Plantronics headsets, the Plantronics Spokes software, the functionality of Salesforce, and ThreeWill’s expertise in integrating enterprise systems. Simply put, Popcorn pops at the right time with the right context to your phone calls and makes it easy for you to carry out the Salesforce tasks associated with those phone calls. Popcorn from ThreeWill helps you have higher quality conversations by bringing immediate context to the caller and their Salesforce history. It also makes you more productive by providing a simple, direct route to call related features of Salesforce.

For example, you could see the name and title of a contact or lead that’s calling you pop up on your screen before you answer the phone, take notes during a call, and then log that call to the appropriate place in Salesforce with a single mouse click. It’s so easy, you might actually enjoy logging calls. View the recent activity of a contact as you’re speaking with them. Think of how this can drive better conversations because you have the proper context. Have convenient, one click access to common Salesforce activities, such as adding a contact to a campaign in order to keep your marketing team happy, or creating a new opportunity on the spot. Popcorn allows you to do all of this and more. To learn more about Popcorn, please visit threewill.com.

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