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Client Profile

Global Telecom services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses, and other service providers in dozens of countries.


A comprehensive Price Card solution needed to be created with a modern user interface/experience. This solution’s goal was to be more intuitive and easier for business users to rapidly create, update and generate high-fidelity Price Cards


For the solution, ThreeWill utilized its technical experience. This included using client-side technology to generate 20 high-fidelity Price Card Templates.

ThreeWill developed a template editor, utilized by all the stores, to replace an existing Adobe PDF editor. This template editor was far more user friendly, with careful consideration for the UX design.

Business Benefits

  • Ability to easily modify/create a template
  • Minimal sustainment of solution
  • Ease of adoption for new users
  • Can now create a template in less than an hour, as opposed to a full day with the previous solution

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