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Show Notes – Purpose Built Communities and ThreeWill

Michelle Matthews:Hi, I’m Michelle Matthews, and I’m Senior Vice President at Purpose Built Communities in Atlanta Georgia. Purpose Built Communities is a fabulous organization. It’s a nonprofit, and really what we focus on is partnering with communities and local leaders across the nation really to try to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. We really spend time trying to reimagine what’s possible around a thriving community for today’s environment.


Purpose Built is a small organization with a big mission. We have employees where we spend time out in the field with our what we call network members. That requires us to do a lot of travel, but also a lot of teaming and to be able to have to collaborate and communicate with one another to make sure that we can provide the best support for our network members. As a talent as you continue to grow you are not able to sort of sit around the conference room table and understand all the different things that are going on in a particular city or the particular project.


Danny Ryan:When they first reached out to me, I looked at their website and I saw what they were doing with intergenerational poverty, and I definitely felt like there was a way that we could help them out in their mission, and really help them to collaborate better as they work with their network members. It really just seemed like a project that we can contribute to and we really believe in what they are doing as an organization.


Bo George:The Purpose Built Communities’ project was a unique project where we had Microsoft 365 already available to the customer, and the goal was really to make the most of it for collaboration, both internally and externally. Most of the project was driven by mapping our customer’s requirement to SharePoint out of the box.


Michelle Matthews:The difference between a strong implementation where people would really use technology to improve our workflow and our productivity really hinged on how the implementation and the startup of that went. We were really looking for a great partner who could understand what our requirements were, and had a lot of experience with other organizations to implement those kind of solutions and ThreeWill was the answer for us.


Danny Ryan:ThreeWill is an Atlanta based consultancy. We focus in on Microsoft 365. We help our customers migrate to, configure, customize and sustain Microsoft 365 solutions. If you’d like to talk more about how we could help your organization, please connect with us.



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