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Testing is an investment and just like with our health, prevention is key. It is cheaper to prevent problems than it is to repair them. Adding Quality Assurance to the ThreeWill practice creates a better product, increases the client’s satisfaction, improves efficiency, and improves the company’s reputation. At ThreeWill, we offer three “Levels” of QA services.

Silver Level

This is the most lightweight approach we offer. We will conduct a Feature/Function Risk Assessment (for each Product Backlog item). We will provide test cases in a predefined format which include, but are not limited to, test scenarios and high priority test cases. These test cases will be reviewed by the developer and/or the client and will be executed during each sprint for each new piece of functionality delivered. Full testing will be done on 1 operating system and 1 browser type/version (assuming environment for all are available and needed). We will also perform smoke testing on 1 additional browser if needed. Full regression testing will be done on the release candidate, including only high priority test cases. Defects will be tracked on the ThreeWill extranet site.

Gold Level

This is the middle-of-the-road approach. This includes everything from the Silver Level, and more. We provide the additional option of having test cases created in the client’s repository rather than our own predefined format if desired. We will also offer a Traceability Matrix upon request. We will fully test up to 2 browser type/versions and smoke test up to 2 additional browsers, rather than just 1 for each. While defects are tracked in our own extranet site for the Level 3 service, for Level 2 we offer the option to have them stored and tracked in the client’s current bug tracking system instead. Also included in Level 2 are test reports which contain test results, a count of open defects by priority based on each Product Backlog item, and any other relevant test tracking information.

Platinum Level

This is the total package! This, of course, includes everything from the Silver and Gold Levels, plus more. More test cases are provided and with more detail (complete test steps, expected results, preconditions, High/Medium/Low priority test cases, and positive/negative test cases). Not only will full regression testing be performed on the release candidate, but we will also perform limited regression testing during each sprint. Full testing is offered on up to 2 operating systems and 4 browser types/versions, and smoke testing is still performed on up to 2 additional browsers. Any other relevant testing information that may be available will also be shared.

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