Two Bald Brothers and a Microphone Podcast

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Family Time & Improv

Danny Ryan

This is ThreeWill’s official podcast – led by the co-founders & “follically-challenged” Ryan brothers.

It’s your place to learn more about modern digital workplaces as well as other scintillating topics like enterprise collaboration, SharePoint and Office 365, and the latest socks they’ve added to their wardrobe.

Yea, we know, pretty “wild and crazy” stuff.

Join Danny and Tommy on this adventure as they talk with clients, partners, and other ThreeWillers about what’s working (and more importantly, what’s not) in bite-sized ten to twenty-minute chunks. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to hear them disagree or break out into a fight.

They are brothers, after all…

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Gardening & Clemson

Tommy Ryan


ThreeWill’s Summary of #MSInspire 2017

Danny talks with Tommy about his experience at the most recent Microsoft Inspire Event #MSInspire, including a full transcript ...
Podcast Interviews

Topics Covered for Upcoming Podcast Interviews

The two bald brothers, Danny and Tommy Ryan, dive into what they will cover in their upcoming interviews.
Atlanta SharePoint Community

Atlanta SharePoint Community – A Behind the Scenes Look at Getting Involved

Pete Skelly and Danny Ryan talk about what goes into the Atlanta SharePoint Community and how you can get involved in this behind the scenes discussion.
MacBook Air vs Surface Book

MacBook Air vs Surface Book – One Person’s Perspective

MacBook Air vs Surface Book - Danny talks to Tommy about his experience with switching from a MacBook Air to a Surface Book.
Moving Sandboxed Solutions

Moving Sandboxed Solutions to the Cloud

Matthew Chesnut and Danny Ryan talk about a project where we are moving Sandboxed Solutions to a Cloud based architecture.
join us

What Do We Look for in New Hires?

Tim Coalson and Danny Ryan talk about what character traits we look for when interviewing new hires for ThreeWill.
business and it alignment

Business and IT Alignment

Bruce Harple and Danny Ryan talk about the key subject of Business and IT Alignment and what you need to know about this topic.
funny design fails

Multilingual SharePoint Sites

Danny Ryan and Eric Bowden discuss supporting multilingual SharePoint sites - don't miss one of the really cool features you get from Microsoft to support these types of sites.
coming soon

Coming Soon – Two Bald Brothers and a Microphone

Tommy and Danny Ryan talk about making some changes to the podcast - we're planning on changing the name to Two Bald Brothers and a Microphone.

Key Highlights About ThreeWill

ThreeWill helps teams work together better by building solutions on SharePoint using an agile process.

  • We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft partners based on four independent surveys.
  • We have built over ten connectors for SharePoint for over twelve software firms including Atlassian, Jive, and Salesforce.
  • We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Application Development and Gold Collaboration & Content competencies.
  • We are a Salesforce Product Development Partner.
  • Established in 2001, we are based out of Alpharetta, Georgia (the Technology City of the South).
    All our consultants are Microsoft certified (many at the highest level), and each has an average of over ten years of Microsoft development and/or product development experience.
  • We have been a part of one of the largest enterprise implementations of SharePoint (over 250K users).
  • We have published books, articles, and have produced materials for Microsoft on technologies such as SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, Office Development, and InfoPath.
  • Our focus is not just technology, but also project management and effective and agile processes that ensure predictable results.

Partnerships are central to ThreeWill’s success. We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over ten years. We currently hold the Gold Application Development and Gold Collaboration & Content competency. We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft partners based on four independent surveys. We are also a Salesforce Product Development – more recently focusing on Cloud Apps that integrate with Salesforce and Office 365. We are a Metalogix partner to help our customers migrate to and manage Office 365. Finally, we are a Nintex partner for customers looking for better workflow options in Office 365.

Our promise to our business sponsors:

1. Control – We provide the structure for our clients to control priority of features and budget throughout the lifetime of the project.

2. Choice – Because we deliver working software every two weeks, we earn our client’s business every two weeks.

3. Commitment – We take on your challenges like they are our own; you will not find another business partner more committed to your success.

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