Scaling Up for Upcoming Jive to Microsoft 365 Migrations

Danny:Hello, and welcome to the Two Bald Brothers on a Microphone podcast. This is one of the Bald Brothers. This is my second podcast for the day. Now that Tommy’s out, I’m catching up on all my podcasts. Tommy’s taking some time off, well needed time off. You look like you could use some time off too, right?


Chris:I could definitely use some time off.


Danny:When’s your next vacation coming up? Anytime soon?


Chris:Actually, probably in about a month or so.


Danny:Okay, good. I am talking here with, if you’re wondering who that is, that’s Chris Edwards, the famous Chris Edwards. How you doing, Chris Edwards?


Chris:I’m doing pretty good. Definitely ready for that vacation. I think I’m not too far from that Bald Brother myself.


Danny:You’re working on it up there.


Chris:I’m working on it, yeah.


Danny:Excellent. It can be Three Bald Brothers on a Microphone.


Chris:Yeah, Laurie …


Danny:Although, we’re not brothers, but hey. We’re kind of brothers.


Chris:We’ve been working together for a long time so it’s all good.


Danny:Hey, you can stop holding my hand now. That’s kind of weird.




Danny:So, I wanted just to catch up with you. Yeah, it’s wonderful that you’re busy. Busy is good. That keeps us out of trouble and it’s wonderful to have lots of opportunities to go learn new things, help people out. You’ve been primarily doing Jive migrations recently?


Chris:Yeah. That seems to be my world. It’s been my world for a little while now and continues to be, so it’s a hot item and it’s actually kind of fun. You know, there’s a lot of challenges that go with it but a lot of fun things and it’s nice to see, you know, we can really help a customer solve their problems and make them happy and get a really successful migration.


Danny:Yeah, so you’ve been doing this now for a couple of year … you’re probably the, the first line of code was written by you for this.


Chris:It was.


Danny:A skunk-works project like most things.


Chris:Yeah, I mean, we … you know, the original impetus for this particular thing was we had our own Jive migrations to do and wrote the code to do that and it just kind of organically grew from there. So, kind of cool.


Danny:Yep. Nice and, nowadays we’re getting into the whole idea of creating factories, I don’t know what that, I know what a factory is but I guess just trying to scale up what we’re doing, as well.


Chris:Yeah, so I mean, I’ve been involved pretty much in every Jive migration. Kind of heavily involved, in every one we’ve done. And I try to get it to the point now where we could hand off to a team. They completely do a Jive migration from soup to nuts, really without any of my interaction. But obviously I would definitely like to be involved.


Danny:You’re not planning on getting hit by a bus, right?


Chris:No, not good. Not planning on, never that plan, so.


Danny:This just turned into a therapy session. Are you okay? Do you want- Do you want to- Do you need to-


Chris:I need to lay down. Yeah. You don’t have a couch in here. Put the microphone above me and there you go, it would be okay.


Danny:How do you really feel? It’s alright. Go ahead. I digress, go ahead.


Chris:Yeah, so yeah, so really just trying to get it to the point where we can hand off to a core group and let them facilitate these migrations and allow us to focus in on even improving the user experience, improving the really, what we’re actually, when we migrate to the SharePoint platform, or the Microsoft platform, or whatever platform we’re targeting, I’d like to be able to focus in on more things like improving the user experience and making it even a better experience than Jive.


So, being able to focus on that and then turning it loose at factory to let other folks just go ahead and try to do the migrations. That’s kind of the new objective.


Danny:So, have … I know there’s been some projects where we’ve worked some more on some of the utilities. Are we adding just more content types that we’re migrating, or more destinations as far as where the content’s going, or what?


Chris:I’d say, more content types are always a nice thing. We always try to do that, but really just kind of improving how the existing content types, how we’re doing it and how they actually go over in the target platform.




Chris:Not really looking at too many different target platforms at the moment. I mean … there are some teams, maybe one, in consideration.




Chris:So, but still part of the Microsoft world, kind of right now.


Danny:Gotcha. Gotcha. I think one of the things coming off of the discussion this morning with is looking at, what are the products that are out there, and I think everybody here is … I get this question, which I rare- typically refer off to Sam about, which is people moving from Jive over into Microsoft 365. Is there a product or set of products that they really should take a look at? And I think we’re … You can talk with me about that. I’m not going to say it on this podcast because that would be giving too much away, but that’s a common question that comes up for us, and I think that it’s interesting, where there are so many different products that are out there, and seeing what people are moving to, and it also sounds like we’re getting some experience with not just moving some of the content to Microsoft 365, but then there’s some other products that have their own stuff that are out there too, so …


Chris:Yeah, we’ve had some pretty good experience working with some other customers and then, kind of spreading across the platform a little bit, so some have been Microsoft 365, some of it, other CMS type platforms, where it actually kind of bridges the gap between the two. We’ve done some work with some third parties to kind of make that happen, so I mean, that’s the nice thing. We’ve kept the architecture of this simple so we can make that happen very easily.


Danny:That’s nice. Nice.


Chris:Gonna continue down that pathway I think.


Danny:Good, good. What … tell me what, anything else going on right now as far as are there, I know there’s a side project that we have sort of going on with making some, having some improvements being done, creating some demo environments and things like that?


Chris:Yeah, so one of the things we’re trying to improve our sizing and estimation capabilities, so we want to be able to very simply hand off a utility to a customer. Have them run it with minimal input, minimal kind of dependencies, and let them come back with some good detail that tells us, okay, how big is your Jive incidence? How many places? How much content do you have? Really, kind of do some upfront work. You know, if we ever enter into a workshop it helps us kind of gauge how big, and how to best kind of table that workshop for the customer.




Chris:I mean, that’s the whole thing. That’s one of the things we want to do is make these workshops as solid as possible when we go in. You know, the more information and relevance we have going in, the better. That’s with the size of utilities. Getting boosted, boosted up on.


Another thing is we’re looking … we have another thing called the J2SP or Jive SharePoint Runner, and what that allows us to do is that all these configurations, that you can imagine, every migration’s different and that basically involves lots of switches and dials and things, combinations of things that could or could not be done, so we’re trying to put that in a way that can be used as runner utility that’s going to kind of collaborate and kind of make that much more concise. Less error prone, I should say, to make migrations very predictable, yet still not lose any of the configuration options.


We want to maintain … if the customer wants to do something very custom, we still have the ability to do that. We document it. We capture it. We don’t have to think about it anymore. Whereas, right now, it’s a lot of, you know, we got to pay attention to a lot of that stuff, a lot of this documenting and run books, things like that.


Danny:Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Chris:So I’m trying to get better about managing that information.


Danny:What else are you excited about right now?


Chris:Just really, I want to see the volume of these things increase and to see us being able to say, oh I’ll bring it, yeah, Is that what you’re telling me, huh? I want you to bring it. Let’s bring it. Let’s do it, so. Really want it. That’s the whole thing is like, we know how to do it and we’ve been very successful at doing these migrations. We know how to do them, and I think we’ve proven that. But now we want to do, more than once.


Danny:You have no idea.


Chris:Yeah, let’s do it.


Danny:Well, I know you need to run off somewhere and I appreciate you taking the time to do this …




Danny:… and catching up, and thank you for all the hard work you’re putting in. I hope … I’m glad to hear you’ve got something a month or so off, and enjoy your time off for that, and there’ll be plenty of work here when you get back.


Chris:Oh yeah.


Danny:But just enjoy it. It’s important to, just to stay balanced with things and just appreciate all your hard work that you’re putting toward this, and it’s fun to see something sort of, give it some watering and seeing it grow into something different, and new, and keeping it challenging.


I think there’s lots of good challenges that are coming along with this, and then, well, this will grow into something different maybe. We try some other migration, trying to get some other platform into Microsoft 365. That’s … I’m thinking about that. That’s my job, to figure out what’s coming after this, and there I, why, I’ve got more ideas than I have time. But don’t we all?


Chris:But they’re fun.


Danny:Yeah. So, I appreciate all your hard work that you’re putting in.


Chris:Thank you.


Danny:And thanks. Keep it up, and you brace yourself.


Chris:Here we go. Here we go.


Danny:Yeah, see, I interact with [Bruce 00:08:38], and Bruce has already told me to slow down, so …




Danny:… he’s the throttler, so, but I’ll keep it coming, I’ll say, “Chris said. I was talking to Chris on the podcast.”


Chris:Yeah, he said go for it, yeah, so yeah.


Danny:Well, thank you all. Thank you for all this listening into this little conversation that we’re having here, and I appreciate the chance to catch up with you, Chris, and keep up the good work.




Danny:Thanks everybody for listening. Have a wonderful day. Take care. Bye-bye.




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Danny RyanScaling Up for Upcoming Jive to Microsoft 365 Migrations

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