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Outgrowing Microsoft Excel

Outgrowing Microsoft Excel (and What to Do About It)

Bruce Harple and Danny Ryan talk about how to address the issue of outgrowing Excel and creating the key line of business applications for your business.
Turning Agile

Confessions of a Traditional Project Manager Turning Agile

SCRUM and Successful Projects /
Jim Ebert shares his thoughts as he moves from the world of traditional project management to the new world of agile.
Starting a New Project

Five Things to Consider When Starting a New Project

Matthew Chestnut goes through 5 things to think about when starting a new project.
Being Agile

Being Agile – A Practical Example

SCRUM and Successful Projects /
Bob Morris talks about being agile at a time when agile is now old enough to go to college. Yes, time does fly...
Minimum Viable Product Pros and Cons

Minimum Viable Product Pros and Cons

What are the minimum viable product pros and cons? Bo George shares 3 three of each from his experience on recent projects.
Vanishing Work Items

Mysterious Vanishing Work Items in VSTS

SCRUM and Successful Projects /
Bob Morris addresses a common frustration from project team members concerning vanishing work items in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).
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Managing Work Items with the Excel Add-In Primer

Bob Morris shares tips on getting started with the Office Integration with TFS/VSTS. Learn more about managing work items in this primer.
user acceptance testing

User Acceptance Testing – It’s Time for Some Clarity

Bob Morris elucidates us on User Acceptance Testing - with some many terms thrown around on projects it's good to get some clarity.

Quality Assurance Levels – Which One is Right for Your Project?

Brandon Holloway describes the three levels of Quality Assurance that we offer for projects - learn more to decide which is right for your project.
business and it alignment

Business and IT Alignment

Bruce Harple and Danny Ryan talk about the key subject of Business and IT Alignment and what you need to know about this topic.

Low Friction Requirements Using SCRUM

Bob Morris and Danny Ryan discuss low friction requirements using SCRUM, tune in to his insightful episode of the ThreeWill Podcast.
project risk

Everything You Need to Know About Project Risk

Bruce Harple explains how he manages project risk, he defines risk as something that threatens the scope, schedule, or budget of a project.
testing mobile apps

Top Challenges when Testing Mobile Features for Web Apps

Brandon Holloway shares challenges that he has run into when testing mobile features for a web app that initially designed for the desktop.
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Creating Value on Projects

SCRUM and Successful Projects /
Principal Consultant Eric Bowden reflects on how to create the most value on projects. Get a glimpse of his thoughts in this insightful post.
simplify simplify

Process Simplifies 700 Workflows to 80

Danny Ryan talks to Eric Bowden about using process to simplify complexities on projects.
offshore resources

How ThreeWill Uses Offshore Resources

Tommy chats with Danny about what offshore resources ThreeWill uses and how they got started using them.
sharepoint initiatives

How to Budget for SharePoint Initiatives

Danny Ryan goes into depth with Tommy Ryan about how to budget for SharePoint initiatives...
What does Moscow have to do with SCRUM?

What does Moscow have to do with SCRUM?

SCRUM and Successful Projects /
Bob Morris and Danny Ryan talk about being flexible and introduce a new acronym based on a Russian city...
Kanban Primer

Kanban Primer

SCRUM and Successful Projects /
Danny Ryan talks to Rob Horton about introducing a type of agile process called Kanban ...
software testers

Do Software Testers Need to Know How to Code?

Brandon Holloway addresses the age old question - Do Software Testers Need to Know How to Code?