Knowledge is an asset when people can access the information they need quickly and efficiently. A robust, easy-to-use knowledge management system ensures they can get the information they need when they need it.

Connect People to Knowledge

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How much time and productivity are lost searching through emails, responding to redundant chats, and searching databases for the information you need?

Fast, easy access to resources and information improves business processes and increases customer satisfaction. A centralized knowledge base breaks down silos between different components of the organization and prevents the loss of valuable company information.

Without the proper system in place, organizations lose revenue and time looking for information and knowledge. This leads to “reinventing the wheel” when people cannot easily find what they need. A knowledge management system gives your organization easy access to corporate resources, existing work documents, customer information, policies, procedures, and more.

Why should you modernize your Knowledge Management system?

Help Customers Help Themselves

Help Customers Help Themselves

Improve the customer experience while lessening the workload of support staff. Customers place more trust in organizations when they can solve their own issues quickly and easily, and many prefer the option to search a knowledge base to find the answer they need.

Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Consolidation of knowledge in one place gives all employees access to organization-wide expertise. This optimizes new employee onboarding and staff training processes, creating a more efficient workplace with better decision-making.

Leveraging Microsoft 365 for productivity

Maintain Organizational Continuity

An internal knowledge base archives the best practices, research, and expertise of experienced employees. This helps prevent productivity gaps when a valued employee retires or moves on because their tactic, intangible knowledge is preserved in an easily accessible format.

Promote Growth and Innovation

Promote Growth and Innovation

Employees can search the knowledge base to access accurate, up-to-date information without interrupting coworkers with support tickets, chats, and emails. Spending less time answering repetitive questions and recreating existing knowledge frees people up to focus on other innovative and profitable work.

Benefits for Employees and Customers

Leverage Assets to Make Critical Business Decisions

Business leaders depend on expert knowledge to make informed critical business decisions. A knowledge base creates a centralized resource of information and skills, even when knowledge is spread across numerous employees, teams, or locations. By harnessing all available knowledge, companies increase the value of decision quality and outcomes.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

A self-service knowledge base gives customers 24/7 support access. When customers can resolve smaller issues on their own, it reduces the number of support tickets your employees receive. Teams that have easy access to information are better equipped to handle customer requests and questions, improving resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

Create Digitally-Connected Work Environments

Mobile devices and cloud technologies have shifted the way people work, decreasing the reliance on a centralized location to connect and communicate. A knowledge base makes it easy to find and reuse relevant information and resources without being in the same building. This keeps teams aligned and working toward common goals, even when employees are distributed across numerous locations.

Eliminate Organizational Hierarchies

When employees are encouraged to share knowledge, it improves collaboration and accelerates learning. Coworkers can rely on and learn from the experience of others at all levels of the organization. Removing information hierarchies allows everyone to access relevant information and resources, regardless of their role or department.

Delta Community Credit Union experienced first-hand the benefit of working with ThreeWill to develop a knowledge base system that benefits their employees and members.

We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners.

See how ThreeWill has helped employees thrive by improving their digital collaboration, communication, and empowerment in the Microsoft Cloud.

Learn how ThreeWill assisted Delta Community Credit Union with a Microsoft 365 Knowledge Management Implementation.

A Powerful Platform for Outstanding Service

ThreeWill’s knowledge management services help modernize your organization’s call center knowledge management solution to create better employee and customer experiences. We accomplish this by collecting data in a centralized repository where information is stored, organized, and shared. This makes it easy for people to find solutions to their problems—without having to ask for help.

A call center knowledge management system allows agents to quickly find and share the right information with customers. Learn how the right knowledge management system can improve employee satisfaction, help you gain customer loyalty, and improve your KPIs. 

Modernize Your Knowledge Management Solutions

Legacy technologies are inflexible, inefficient, and unequipped to improve organizational performance.

In today’s global marketplace, improving your employee and customer experience is critical for staying ahead of the competition. A knowledge base tool fosters a knowledge-sharing environment within your organization to deliver consistent service across all channels. Information can come in many forms, including knowledge articles, videos, publications, FAQs, and more. ThreeWill can help you modernize your knowledge management solution to improve employee and customer satisfaction, and overall KPIs by leveraging your existing investment in the Microsoft 365 platform.

ThreeWill will guide your organization through all stages of your knowledge management journey for employees and customers:

  • Discovery and design workshop
  • Prototyping with knowledge engineers
  • Knowledge Management planning and roadmap
  • Knowledge Management implementation and integration
  • Driving and measuring value through change management with metrics
  • Measuring value through change management metrics
  • “ThreeWill came highly recommended to us. Through our due diligence process, we had the distinct opportunity to meet with and learn from the experiences of some of their existing clients. It was clear that ThreeWill possessed a very collaborative working relationship with their clients, and we experienced this first-hand. They helped us take our outdated SharePoint infrastructure for our extranet and conceptualize, build and launch a new site of essential operational and educational resources for our more than 250 schools nationwide. They challenged us to think out of the box and thus far the feedback from our highly active users on the site has been very positive.”
    Kim Miller
    Executive Director of PR & Communications, Education and Government Industry
  • “ThreeWill already had a stellar reputation when we were first introduced to them. But, what really impressed us was their ability to go from new innovation concept to a new product with such thoughtful design that it hit the bullseye. It's one thing to develop valued functionality, but quite another to deliver that with a compelling user experience that entices the user to adopt it. Kudos to ThreeWill for their skills in ideation, development, and product design, all with an eye toward creating customer value.”
    Jeffrey Siegel
    Vice President Strategy & New Business Development - High Tech and ISVs Industry

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