Jive Migrations

Jive Migrations

Stop paying double for collaboration because you have both Jive and Microsoft 365. Consolidate resources to drive a better employee experience with Microsoft 365 as your core collaboration platform.

Trust ThreeWill’s Experience for a Successful Migration Solution

Collaboration is a key component of the modern business environment. Without a coherent collaboration strategy, companies end up using multiple solutions to deliver collaboration tools. A single platform unifies the collaboration experience for the organization by creating one place to go to work together.

Making the move from Jive to Microsoft 365 does more than save money on annual subscription costs. It allows organizations to consolidate resources and focus on building maturity in one key platform to meet current and future collaboration needs.

We know how important content collaboration is to an organization. We also know how it feels to have your content trapped in an expensive, antiquated platform. For nearly a decade, ThreeWill has helped over 100 organizations migrate more than 10 million pieces of content from Jive to Microsoft 365.

Successful Migration Solution

ThreeWill guides your migration through a comprehensive, three-step process:

Jive Migration Identify Your Destination
Identify Your Destination

No two Jive implementations are the same, and neither is a migration to another collaboration platform.

  • Review the current state of Jive, Microsoft 365, and any legacy environments.
  • Consider the future value you want to drive from a unified collaboration platform.
  • Establish priorities and constraints for users and stakeholders.
  • Define the migration that works for your organization.
Identify Your Destination with Cloud Migration
Transform Your Content

Migration to a new platform is more than a simple “lift and shift” process and requires a content-centric approach.

  • Review existing content and determine what will and will not be migrated.
  • Define migration mappings.
  • Retrieve, transform, and upload content to the destination environment.
  • Verify and remediate the migration process.
  • Transform all links to their new location.
Jive Migration User Adoption
Drive Value Through Adoption

A focus on user adoption strategies promotes collaboration throughout the organization and accelerates ROI payback.

  • Develop a well-defined support process and effective communication plans.
  • Promote solution benefits and improve user experience.
  • Manage resistance and encourage ongoing engagement.
  • Identify specific success measures for sustained long-term user adoption.

Why Choose ThreeWill as Your Migration Partner?

Since Jive’s acquisition by Aurea in 2017, many customers have struggled with unwanted changes and operational uncertainty. Unstable functionality, intermittent outages, and declining innovation all lead to falling behind the competition as your employee experience stagnates.

Over the last decade, ThreeWill has built a suite of utilities and processes to help meet the increased demand for organizations looking to migrate their Intranet from Jive to Microsoft 365. Our state-of-the-art tools drive a successful migration experience with a continued focus on core business priorities.

Microsoft 365 gives your company a modern, collaborative workspace while eliminating expensive Jive licensing costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Relevant content is migrated while legacy content is archived.
  • System governance and control through centralized tools and processes.
  • Improved user experience and job performance
  • Cost savings with a single collaboration invoice
  • “On a scale from 1 to 10, ThreeWill is definitely an 11! Their experience and knowledge were invaluable!”
    Program Manager Jive to SharePoint Migration
    Top Five Global Insurance Company
  • “We worked with ThreeWill on a Jive - Microsoft 365 migration for a multinational client. The migration involved multiple territories and languages and considerable complexity. ThreeWill demonstrated exceptional rigor in their process, whilst using agile to respond to constant challenges that emerged at various points during the evolution of the project. Their clear communication with the client about their process, progress, and options meant that there was always alignment between them and the client and no surprises. When they were asked to come up with options for meeting particular challenges, they had a transparent and consistent methodology which meant the client could make informed decisions. The technology solution itself resulted in an exceptionally high-quality outcome, delivered on time and within budget.”
    Alan Richardson
    Partner at Oxzeon
  • “ThreeWill helped us migrate from Jive to SharePoint. We were impressed with the methodology followed in the project. Standups and weekly reports were great communication. It was a particularly well-managed project - we had a highly committed team that met tight deadlines to make a year-end deadline. The project was under budget, and we were able to avoid an annual renewal fee that easily justified the project.”
    Dave James
    VP of Technology, Media and Entertainment Industry
  • “Our initiative to move from Jive to SharePoint had a strong ROI business case but was complicated due to the short window for migration completion during the end-of-year holiday season.  We needed a technology partner who could get the job done predictably in that short 6-week period.  Additionally, we required the new SharePoint Intranet site to look and navigate like the legacy Jive site in order to not disrupt the field sales and service teams across the country who rely on the system daily for operations.  ThreeWill not only met but exceeded our expectations in completing the migration on time and under budget!”
    Kent Oufnac
    IT Manager, Project Management Office, Large Distributor of Recreational Products

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