Dedicated to Multitenant Migrations

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Do you need help moving from SharePoint Dedicated to Multitenant?

  • If you’ve talked to Microsoft about doing this and it’s never brought up as a feasible option.
  • If you recognize that hiring MCS for this is inherently risky because of the lack of incentive for a successful migration.
  • If you know the savings involved with moving from SharePoint Dedicated to Multitenant – but just need help getting there.
  • Perhaps your internal team is slammed and has no bandwidth for the migration (or you’d rather them working on more strategic tasks)…
  • Or, maybe you’ve started the migration and are simply off track with no end in sight.

… then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

 You can make the move – we’ve addressed all the risks and have a predictable path to help you move this year.

If You Ignore It…

It just gets worse

Let’s play this out if you continue with status quo:

  • You’ll continue to pay the significantly higher costs for the commodity services of SharePoint.
  • You’ll continue to pay for the really expensive white glove services.
  • You’ll continue to be behind with updates to your tenant – Microsoft 365 is getting rapid updates you want to stay innovative.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

You’ll continue to overpay with little benefit.  Who wants to pay more for less?

How To Get Unstuck

We’ve got an answer that works.

Here’s the backstory: The fact is there are fewer than 100 companies using the option of having their own dedicated environments from Microsoft.  We worked with one of those companies to make the move.  The project had an extensive analysis and design phases – we enumerated the list of risks and addressed them one by one.  We helped them select a tool to do this – and we ended up creating over 20K lines of Powershell scripts to automate the tool to orchestrate the migration.  We focused on SharePoint and another company (which will remain un-named, but you can probably figure out who they are) took on the Exchange part.  The Exchange migration was riddled with issues.

We wrapped up the analysis and design phases and had addressed all the risks (or at least the material ones) with pilots.  We were excited to start the production migrate.  Our first week went great and everything was going smoothly.  But then we got the call that the project was put on hold because of problems with the Exchange migration.  Frustration.

So now we’ve got a team that was about to pull of one of the most complicated SharePoint migrations known to man and they were told to stop.  Months worth of work. Thousands of hours.  To rub salt on the sore, the team had to create a plan to back out the week’s worth of (successful) migrations.

We are looking for another company that wants to make this move. We have a team that would be thrilled to pick back where we left off…


We’re to help you make the move.  No excuses.  

It (Almost) Worked For These People

(and it will work for you)

The client I mentioned earlier put us up to the task of helping the move and we’re ready to bring it to the finish line for other customers.

We created and executed a plan to make the move – even with not make the move it gave them significant negotiating power when renewing the contract.

Here’s a quote from our business sponsor –

  • “I appreciate the continued opportunity to work with the ThreeWill team…the experience in working with ThreeWill is so very different than the other vendors in this space and I appreciate that you make it easy to do business. We have accomplished a great deal and I look forward to whatever comes next.”

    Tricia Mercaldo, Director, Collaboration Tools & Internal Communications – Fortune 500 Entertainment Company

Here’s what our key partner, Metalogix, has to say about us –

  • "ThreeWill takes an innovative approach to meeting customer requirements.  Their expertise and hands-on know how make them an ideal solution partner for large organizations with demanding SharePoint requirements."

    Joe Sullivan, Director Global SIs, Cloud Alliances, Metalogix

Now, It’s Your Turn

Take the risk-free first step…

When you get the SharePoint Migration Pack today, you’ll get the key to…

  • Stop paying the ongoing costs for both service and support of SharePoint Dedicated month after month
  • Drive out risk with the migration by using a mature tool with a proven process

It all comes as part of the SharePoint Migration Pack.

In the SharePoint Migration Pack you will get:

  1. Ten Things You Should Know About Large and Complex SharePoint Migrations (available Q2 2017)
  2. Access to the SharePoint Migration Guide (with over 50 resources for migrating to SharePoint)

The SharePoint Migration Pack is free – so there’s no risk on your side.

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make…

Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all).

Finally…make the move and spend the money something more strategic.

Which do you really want for your company?

Here’s what to do now…

Download the SharePoint Migrator Pack today by providing your email below (and we’ll email you the download details) and clicking “Request Download.”

We won’t resell your email.  That wouldn’t be cool.  Read our privacy policy.

Past the Research Phase?

If you’re past the research phase and ready to get started soon, please take our pre-migration questionnaire.


(For those of you who love to learn the details)

Some of the reasons you should work with our team on this initiative is:

  1. We have worked with leading enterprises (including Cox Automotive, The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting and at&t) for migrations and can provide references
  2. We have an extensive background on the SharePoint / Microsoft 365 APIs from our experience with building commercial connectors and applications for both platforms
  3. We have built over 20K lines of Powershell Code on top of Metalogix Content Matrix to help orchestrate complex migrations
  4. Doing these types of migrations is a one-time project and therefore you should focus your internal teams on other initiatives where they can apply their experience multiple times
  5. Using lower cost outsourcing teams that will be doing this for the first time adds risk to meeting deadlines

We recommend that you reach out to us to schedule the workshop 12-14 months before your expiration date. We may not need all that time, but we have a backlog of migrations and will need to get the workshop scheduled 2-3 months in advance.

These projects are done in three phases:

  1. SharePoint Dedicated Migration Workshop
  2. Implementation
  3. Sustainment (Post migration support/additional needs like Branding)

The purpose of this SharePoint Dedicated Migration Workshop is to allow you and ThreeWill to review the business and technical requirements for your migration from SharePoint Dedicated to SharePoint Multitenant, explore the migration approaches and options, and establish a budget to implement your migration.[/lead]

The workshop will cover a detailed review of the migration process.  From this review, we identify key decisions that you will need to make related to the migration. We will a) review the current state of both any applicable legacy environments, b) review the requirements and drivers for migration to Microsoft 365 Multitenant, and c) determine the requirements and desired state of Microsoft 365 Multitenant once the migration is completed. Lastly, this workshop will feed into setting a high level roadmap, with the supporting approach, estimate and initial project plan for the migration.

The cost for the five-day workshop is a fixed price of $25,000 USD.

  • Confirm Vision and Objectives for migration
  • Develop a migration approach and plan to migrate Current SharePoint Environments to your future state SharePoint Environment
  • High level mapping exercise to build a strategy for where content and apps are moved to or archived/sunset
  • Identify the resources (people and tools) required to execute the migration
  • Identify an estimated budget and schedule for the migration and future state architecture
  • Develop an initial Migration Communication Plan

  • Client SP vision, strategy, objectives and CSFs
  • Migration approach and plan (roadmap)
  • Resource Plan
  • Migration Schedule
  • Initial Risk Assessment
  • Initial Communication Plan
  • Estimated Budget for Migration

  • Review your SharePoint Strategy
  • SP Migration vision and objectives
  • Determine Critical Success Factors (CSF)
  • Understand current state
  • Define future state
  • Determine migration approach
  • Develop initial product backlog
  • Develop initial sprint plan and schedule
  • Determine project organization
  • Complete risk assessment
  • Develop initial budget estimate

We suggest including:

  • Business Sponsor(s)
  • SharePoint Admin(s)
  • Client Project Manager
  • Other Key Stakeholders that will be impacted by the migration

These projects are done in three phases:

  1. Workshop
  2. Implementation
  3. Sustainment (Post migration support/additional needs like Branding)

No, you are free to do the migration with another consulting firm or internally.

A typical migration has a pilot migration and a production migration. The amount of time depends on the amount of content.

Typical costs range from about $500,000 USD to over $1,000,000 USD for larger and more complex migrations.

We use SCRUM (read this article – Using SCRUM on Migration Projects) and set our clients up with a Client Extranet Site (on Microsoft 365, of course ;).

It’s pretty common for us to help customers soften the edges of SharePoint and make it more familiar to end users. Also, it’s pretty common for us to set up a Sustainment Agreement to support future needs.

Danny RyanDedicated to Multitenant Migrations