Digital Workplace Briefing

Digital Workplace Briefing

It’s time to talk about your Digital Workplace on Office 365 and come up with a plan.

We’re at a pivotal point where the combination of Modern Sites on SharePoint, inner-loop collaboration on Microsoft Teams and outer-loop conversations on Yammer are giving enterprises something to be proud of…

Let’s spend an hour or two taking a look at what you can do and come up with a plan to bring your Office 365 Digital Workplace into modern times.

Reach out to us today to get this scheduled or read the FAQ below for all the details.


Some of the reasons you should work with our team on this initiative are:

  1. We have worked with leading enterprises (including Cox Automotive, The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting and at&t) for their digital workplaces and can provide references
  2. We have over 15 years of designing and building Office 365 Digital Workplaces for large enterprises.
  3. Using lower cost outsourcing teams that will be doing this for the first time adds risk to meeting deadlines.

We recommend that you reach out to us to schedule the briefing 8-10 months before your workplace rollout date. We may not need all that time, but we have a backlog of migrations and will need to get the briefing scheduled 2-3 months in advance.

These projects are done in three phases:

  1. Digital Workplace Briefing and Workshop
  2. Implementation
  3. Sustainment (Ongoing Managed Services)

The purpose of the Digital Workplace Briefing has four objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of key reasons, opportunities, and characteristics  of a Digital Workplace journey  
  2. Discover “high impact” opportunities  – the real “Why”, not just the obvious (licensing, features, etc.)
  3. Discuss best practices and roadmaps through the lens the “Digital Workplace Maturity Model” 
  4. NOT training or specific product deep dive/

The cost for the one to the two-hour briefing is free.  If you’re an existing client, we might even pick up lunch for you and your team.

We suggest including:

  • C-Suite leadership
  • IT Decision Makers
  • Line of Business Stakeholders
  • Other Key Stakeholders

The two-day Digital Workplace Workshop is the next step after the briefing.

Danny RyanDigital Workplace Briefing