Call Center Knowledge Management

Call Center Knowledge Management

Your call center agents work hard to provide support, answer questions, and resolve requests.
A robust, easy-to-use knowledge management system ensures they can get the information they need when they need it.

Ready to improve your call center KPIs?

A Powerful Platform for Outstanding Service

Customers want their issues resolved as quickly as possible. Putting concerned customers on hold to confirm simple requests or search for information increases their frustration, leading to lost revenue and poor customer experience.

A knowledge management (KM) system allows agents to quickly find and share the right information with customers. This not only increases customer loyalty and trust, but also improves employee satisfaction because they feel empowered and confident to deliver better customer support.

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Find Information With Ease

A call center knowledge base can be easily searched based on keywords. Streamlining information in a central repository means agents spend less time searching and more time providing excellent customer service. When customer satisfaction is high, it increases customer loyalty and improves your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Improve First Call Resolution (FCR) rates

    A searchable knowledge base makes it easy for agents to quickly find the right information to resolve queries the first time and without escalation.

  • Ensure multichannel service consistency

    Knowledge management practices mean that customers receive the same answer to their question regardless of the communication channel, mode of interaction, or individual agent.

  • Drive down Average Handle Time (AHT)

    When agents receive accurate information quickly, it reduces the time needed to resolve service requests or answer questions. Reducing the time spent on holds, transfers, or follow-up actions increases customer satisfaction and agent productivity.


Promote Agent Satisfaction

Agent errors are typically due to a lack of communication and outdated information. Knowledge sharing ensures that information is not siloed or restricted to a handful of employees. The customer has the assurance that they are speaking with a knowledgeable representative, which reduces callbacks and handoffs to other agents.

  • Reduce call center employee turnover

    Quick, easy access to information and solutions improve agent satisfaction because they are more confident that they can do their job effectively. A call center knowledge base helps prevent turnover by providing constant, reliable support for handling customer inquiries.

  • Simplify training and onboarding

    Readily available materials and information mean new hires spend less time searching and more time learning. Rather than memorizing huge amounts of information, agents can access all the pertinent data needed to work with speed and precision.

  • Promote knowledge transfer

    Agents can document and share their experiences, expertise, and feedback with one another through a knowledge management solution. This fosters a collaborative work environment and ensures that tactic knowledge doesn’t leave when an agent leaves the organization.


Reduce Operating Costs

A poor customer experience leads to lost revenue and frustrated agents. Knowledge management helps call centers reduce costs by decreasing the number of repeat calls and customer complaints. A knowledge base can also divert customer traffic to self-service portals, freeing agents to focus on more complex, high-level needs.

  • Expedite call resolution

    A comprehensive knowledge base helps support agents resolve customer issues quickly without having to consult team members or supervisors to get information. Since all information is sourced from a single location, agents know the information is correct and understand what needs to be relayed to the customer and how.

  • Enable self-service

    Integrating a knowledge base into your organization’s website gives customers 24/7 accessibility to reliable, accurate information. When customers can find answers and solutions on their own, it increases their desire to engage with a company, make repeat purchases, and establish brand loyalty.

  • Increase sales

    When agents are unprepared or cannot access the needed information, they’re more likely to struggle with solving the customer’s problems in a satisfactory manner. Call center agents who can speak confidently about the company’s products and services deliver better customer support and are more effective at sales and up-selling.

Minimal Frustrations and Happier Customers

Many current call center systems leverage old, legacy technology that is often inflexible, inefficient, and does not enable improved agent performance. ThreeWill works with you to modernize your KM solution to improve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and overall KPIs.

In today’s global marketplace, improving your customer’s experience is critical for staying ahead of the competition. A knowledge base tool fosters a knowledge-sharing environment within your organization to deliver consistent service across all channels. Call center KM centralizes data in one place, which eliminates stale and irrelevant information. When agents have the right knowledge at the right time and place, they can quickly answer questions and resolve issues.

ThreeWill will guide your organization through all stages of your knowledge management journey for employees and customers:

  • Discovery and design Workshop
  • Prototyping with knowledge engineers and call center agents
  • KM planning and roadmap
  • KM implementation and integration
  • Driving value realization with Adoption and Change Management strategies
  • Measuring value through change management metrics
  • “We worked with ThreeWill on a Jive - Microsoft 365 migration for a multinational client. The migration involved multiple territories and languages and considerable complexity. ThreeWill demonstrated exceptional rigour in their process, whilst using agile to respond to constant challenges that emerged at various points during the evolution of the project. Their clear communication to the client about their process, progress, and options meant that there was always alignment between them and the client and no surprises. Where they were asked to come up with options for meeting particular challenges, they had a transparent and consistent methodology which meant the client could make informed decisions. The technology solution itself resulted in an exceptionally high quality outcome, delivered on time and to budget.”
    Alan Richardson
    Partner at Oxzeon
  • “I am confident in ThreeWill's ability to help me succeed. More than just successfully delivering on a project but ensuring that the design and implementation are the correct cultural fit. Other reasons: listening, assessing, recommending, listening, considering, adapting, implementing, and sustaining,”
    Christopher Elwell
    Director, Financial Services and Insurance Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us extend Trove to meet our customer's needs. They helped us avoid costs for an existing subscription by connecting up Salesforce with SharePoint. Working with Eric was great - I appreciated the status updates and the burndown chart for understanding our budget. I also enjoyed the weekly meetings to update me on the status of the project. I was able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year because of this project.”
    Ellen Hunt
    IT Business Partner, Retail and Consumer Goods Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us migrate from Jive to SharePoint. We were impressed with the methodology followed in the project. Standups and weekly reports were great communication. It was a particularly well-managed project - we had a highly committed team that met tight deadlines to make a year-end deadline. The project was under budget, and we were able to avoid an annual renewal fee that easily justified the project.”
    Dave James
    VP of Technology, Media and Entertainment Industry

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