Intelligent Intranets

Solve your biggest business challenges with a digital workspace that connects employees to all the relevant tools, communications, and knowledge—wherever and whenever they are working.

An intelligent intranet gives your organization the innovation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness needed to drive communication, collaboration, and improve employee engagement.

Ready to improve the quality of life and productivity within your organization?

Intelligent Solutions for a Modern Workplace

An intelligent intranet creates a true connected workplace that engages employees worldwide. This is more than a central repository for corporate communications—the true power of an intelligent intranet is the ability to connect users to relevant knowledge and information.

With advanced audience targeting, you create employee experiences tailored to their location, job roles, and more. Making your intranet personalized to each user ensures that they have the content, news, announcements, and messaging that makes work easier.

When digital assets are spread across multiple applications, employees lose valuable time searching for the people, content, and information required to perform their jobs. This not only increases user frustration, but it also leads to a lack of shared company vision, brand, culture, and consistent messaging from corporate and local leadership.

  • Global Employees

    Global employees look for a localized user experience that is targeted to their language, culture, security, and privacy requirements.

  • Corporate Communications Teams

    Corporate communications teams looks to share consistent information and messages to employees worldwide.

  • Sales Teams

    Sales teams look for product information, pricing information, contracts, legal language, and previous client communications.

  • Project Teams

    Project teams look for requirements, design documents, production documentation, training videos, and more.

Build Community and Culture Within Your Organization

Social interaction in the workplace helps sustain staff retention, fosters creativity, and sparks innovation. Your intelligent intranet is the hub that allows team members to communicate and collaborate effectively, including your mobile, remote, and global workforce.

Designed around the user, an intelligent intranet delivers personalized experiences by extracting insights from a user’s daily online activities and personal interactions.

Intelligent Intranets — Designed with the End in Mind

When you partner with ThreeWill, we work alongside you to help develop your Intelligent Intranet Roadmap to achieve your desired business outcomes. We begin with the end in mind, designing your future state to achieve your defined business outcomes.

  • Leverage your organization’s investment in the M365 platform
  • Create a roadmap of key activities and milestones
  • Implement governance and security to protect private information
  • Drive value realization with Adoption and Change Management strategy and plans

A modernized, intelligent intranet will boost employee productivity and job efficiency, keeping your people engaged and empowered to collaborate and innovate together.



  • Bridge the divide between teams and people by centralizing discussions and workflow.
    • Exchange data and information in a unified location.
    • Connect with different teams to discuss interdisciplinary projects and objectives.
    • Broadcast results to other teams via recognition and company-wide news articles.
    • Manage workspaces at the group, team, and user level.



  • Provide multiple ways in which your people can communicate with each other.
    • Reinforce culture with internal communications and announcements.
    • Create space for discussions around projects and tasks.
    • Chat about business matters in real time via direct messaging.
    • Bridge disconnects between teams



  • Give employees a central location to become informed, consume relevant knowledge, and connect with others.
    • Learn about policies, procedures, and company activities.
    • Receive relevant content based on personalized context markers.
    • Spend less time searching for relevant files, information, and service tickets.

Create a Modernized Search Experience

Nothing stagnates user adoption faster than an intranet that makes it hard to find what you need when you need it. When you partner with ThreeWill, we’ll help audit your existing content to ensure quality and relevancy before migrating to a new intranet.

  • Deliver personalized, contextual search results
  • Securely access the intranet from any location and device
  • Get the most relevant content to the right users with audience targeting

Work Efficiently From Anywhere

Keep global and remote teams engaged and informed across desktop and mobile devices. ThreeWill works with you to ensure that your intranet goals are tied to end-user needs and aligned with your brand and culture.

  • Enable an improved employee experience that encourages communication, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Manage data access and consumption to enhance data security.
  • Translate communications for employees in non-English speaking countries.
  • “We worked with ThreeWill on a Jive - Microsoft 365 migration for a multinational client. The migration involved multiple territories and languages and considerable complexity. ThreeWill demonstrated exceptional rigour in their process, whilst using agile to respond to constant challenges that emerged at various points during the evolution of the project. Their clear communication to the client about their process, progress, and options meant that there was always alignment between them and the client and no surprises. Where they were asked to come up with options for meeting particular challenges, they had a transparent and consistent methodology which meant the client could make informed decisions. The technology solution itself resulted in an exceptionally high quality outcome, delivered on time and to budget.”
    Alan Richardson
    Partner at Oxzeon
  • “I am confident in ThreeWill's ability to help me succeed. More than just successfully delivering on a project but ensuring that the design and implementation are the correct cultural fit. Other reasons: listening, assessing, recommending, listening, considering, adapting, implementing, and sustaining,”
    Christopher Elwell
    Director, Financial Services and Insurance Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us extend Trove to meet our customer's needs. They helped us avoid costs for an existing subscription by connecting up Salesforce with SharePoint. Working with Eric was great - I appreciated the status updates and the burndown chart for understanding our budget. I also enjoyed the weekly meetings to update me on the status of the project. I was able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year because of this project.”
    Ellen Hunt
    IT Business Partner, Retail and Consumer Goods Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us migrate from Jive to SharePoint. We were impressed with the methodology followed in the project. Standups and weekly reports were great communication. It was a particularly well-managed project - we had a highly committed team that met tight deadlines to make a year-end deadline. The project was under budget, and we were able to avoid an annual renewal fee that easily justified the project.”
    Dave James
    VP of Technology, Media and Entertainment Industry

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