Jive to Microsoft 365 Migrations

Jive to Microsoft 365 Migrations

Simplify and Save

Do you pay double for collaboration because you have both Jive and Microsoft 365?

  • If you’re tired of the complexity of having to reference a 10+ step flowchart every time you start a conversation or store a document because there are too many options in environments where you have both Jive and Microsoft 365…
  • If you’re frustrated with not having a fully integrated experience with social content,  web content and document content…
  • Maybe you’re simply looking for an easy way to win the love of your CFO by removing a recurring cost and stay friends with your other executives by not losing all the content in Jive?
  • Or, better yet, maybe you’ve merged with another company and having Jive is redundant and unnecessary (but you still don’t want to lose the IP in Jive by just turning it off)?

… then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

 You can stop paying twice for collaboration – you don’t have to pay for both Jive and Microsoft 365 anymore.

If You Ignore It…

It just gets worse

There was a time when Jive ran circles around SharePoint (with its lengthy 3-year product cycles), but that’s not the case anymore.  One could make the argument that Microsoft is innovating faster than Jive.  What most people do when facing the fact that Jive and Microsoft 365 do so much in common is an attempt to integrate the two (Jive and Microsoft 365) either with a connector or with manual corporate processes/policies.

But for most organizations, that doesn’t work.

  • Jive’s Connector treats Microsoft 365 / SharePoint more like a data store for content and the only way you can see content is through a Jive Web Part
  • The original connector that we created still exists, but we are recommending that customers make a decision between using Jive or Microsoft 365 for their Intranet
  • Some organizations try and create complicated manual policies that might work for a little while (and with a big stick), but over time people just fall into bad habits

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

The Jive bill will still show up.  Your users will still be confused about where to store content.  Search will continue to be a disaster.

How We Simplified

We’ve got an answer that works.

Here’s the backstory: ThreeWill was hired by Jive 7 years ago to build the original SharePoint Connector for Jive.  We designed the connector to leverage the best of what Jive has to offer (streams, social, tagging) with SharePoint (workflow, document management, enterprise search).  Jive white-labeled our services to roll out the connector to about 100 customers.

We even wrote  “Making SharePoint Social” white paper at the time where we described it as combining SharePoint and Jive together for a first-class experience.

About 3 years in Jive decided to build their own version of a connector and go in a different direction.  Soon after that, we were demoted as a partner and our Jive licensing went with the partnership.  We didn’t want to lose the years of important collaboration intellectual property that was stored in Jive.  So we created a tool to migrate our content from Jive to SharePoint (for us, SharePoint Online on Microsoft 365).

And then we started getting contacted by companies that installed the connector to migrate them from Jive to SharePoint.  Microsoft acquired Yammer and more companies moved.  Microsoft 365 moved to a rapid development cycle and benefited from heavy investments and became one of Microsoft’s most important platform.

This year we’re getting requests every week from customers to help with the move.

It Worked For These People

(and it will work for you)

One of our first customers was PoolCorp – their Jive based Intranet, although highly leveraged within the enterprise, was too costly to justify the recurring annual license fees. This decision to unplug and replace was delayed until 8 weeks before the annual renewal date, so meeting the project deadline was a critical success factor.

We replaced Jive with Microsoft 365 within the 8-week deadline. We implemented similar branding and functionality in order to reduce field sales and service disruption. Migration included approximately 25,000 items with metadata (the majority were Jive Documents), 285 Jive Places mapped and majority were migrated, and over 1,200 users were migrated.

Here’s what our business sponsor had to say about the project –

  • “Our initiative to move from Jive to SharePoint had a strong ROI business case but was complicated due to the short window for migration completion during the end of year holiday season.  We needed a technology partner who could get the job done predictably in that short 6 week period.  Additionally, we required the new SharePoint Intranet site to look and navigate like the legacy Jive site in order to not disrupt the field sales and service teams across the country who rely on the system daily for operations.  ThreeWill not only met but exceeded our expectations in completing the migration on time and under budget!”

    IT Manager, Project Management Office, Large Distributor of Recreational Products

And this was one of our smaller migrations – we’ve migrated customers with 10,000 places and Terabytes of content.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Take the risk-free first step…

When you get the Jive Migration Pack today, you’ll get the key to…

  • Stop paying the ongoing fees for Jive month after month
  • Get key content up and running on Microsoft 365
  • Remove the confusion about what goes where
  • Drive out risk with the migration by using a mature tool with a proven process

It all comes as part of the Jive Migration Pack.

In the Jive Migration Pack you will get:

  1. A custom action plan with timelines and clear next steps
  2. Resources for making the business case for moving off of Jive
  3. 15 key questions to ask your service provider about moving from Jive to Microsoft 365

The Jive Migration Pack is free – so there’s no risk on your side.

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make…

Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all).

Finally…get one (or, at least, one fewer) bill for collaboration at your company.

Which do you really want for your company?

Here’s what to do now…

Download the Jive Migrator Pack today by providing the details about your migration below and clicking “Submit.”

  • Feel free to share additional information that would be helpful for us to know about the migration (including output from our sizing tools).

We won’t resell your email.  Read our privacy policy and/or details on our software.

Looking for the Jive to Microsoft 365 FAQ?

The Jive to Microsoft 365 FAQ is located in the Jive to Microsoft 365 Migration Guide.

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