Adapt by employing low-code technologies to do more with less. Analyze data, automate procedures, and create apps, websites, and virtual agents with the Power Platform, while accelerating innovation and reducing expenses.

What stage of the Power Platform journey are you in?

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You know there are missed opportunities to improve your employee’s work life by empowering them to use automation for personal productivity. You also know that these types of gains can lead to greater productivity and innovation for the organization as a whole.

People who have the power to improve the efficiency and smoothness of their daily lives are empowering teams that can accomplish more with less.

This is where the Microsoft Power Platform comes in and where ThreeWill is there to help make it all work to its full potential for your organization.

How does it work?

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Personal Productivity

If you’re in the early days with Power Platform, your first order of business will be to start enabling your workforce to harness the power of automation to improve their day-to-day productivity.  This will enable them to focus on the real issues and solve more problems with less stress.  We can show you how to get started.

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Team Productivity

As your employees start to thrive and make gains, you’re going to see that move outward into your teams and departments.  Soon, you’ll see that you can even use traditional software developers to make more complex solutions that can exponentially assist your organization both internally and for the benefit of your customers.

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Application Modernization

You may also have outdated solutions that need to be improved and modernized. Power Platform solutions might be the perfect fit to update these antiquated solutions at a reduced cost. Let us evaluate your applications and show you how we can make the dream a reality.

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Gain Control & Insight

Whether you are early days or well into your Power Platform journey, at some point you’ll want to feel like you have insight into what’s being built and benefitting your organization.  You may also have an IT staff that feels like they are “in the dark”. You need to start understanding a) what has been made, b) what is being made, and c) who are your subject matter experts.

How ThreeWill Can Help


Where are you in the Power Platform journey? Let us assess the state of your environments and begin to make recommendations for next steps.

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Get Productive

We have years of expertise in developing productivity solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations using the Power Platform. Let us advance your productivity and increase the effectiveness of your team by applying our experience, knowledge, and design patterns.

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Application Development

ThreeWill has decades of experience designing and implementing custom applications on Microsoft technologies which helps us know whether or not the Power Platform is the right fit.  Whether you have a new idea or an existing outdated solution, let us evaluate it to see if Power Platform is the right, low-cost fit for the future.

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Governance & Nurturing

As your adoption of the Power Platform grows, so will the sprawl. We have tried and true experience and methods for gaining control of your tenant and environments, simultaneously providing you with ammunition to begin the exciting process of nurturing your new community of makers and champions.

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Ready to Get Started?

Let ThreeWill be your guide to increasing productivity and innovation by automating everyday tasks.