Slack to Teams Migration

Slack to Teams Migrations

Simplify and Save

Do you pay double for collaboration because you have both Slack and Teams?

  • If you’re tired of the complexity of having to reference a 10+ step flowchart every time you start a conversation or store a document because there are too many options in environments where you have both Slack and Teams…
  • If you’re frustrated with not having a fully integrated experience with social content, web content and document content…
  • Maybe you’re simply looking for an easy way to win the love of your CFO by removing a recurring cost and stay friends with your other executives by not losing all the content in Slack?
  • Or, better yet, maybe you’ve merged with another company and having Slack is redundant and unnecessary (but you still don’t want to lose the IP in Slack by just turning it off)?

… then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

You can stop paying twice for collaboration – you don’t have to pay for both Slack and Teams anymore.

Danny RyanSlack to Teams Migration