Project Management

Projects of all sizes create business risk, putting pressure on teams to deliver projects that meet management expectations, budgets, and schedule targets.

In an environment of constant change and unpredictability, ThreeWill’s team of project management professionals have the experience necessary to help you reduce risk and consistently deliver your technology projects.

Today’s business environment poses unique challenges to effective project delivery.

Have you ever been on a project where it seems that everything that can go wrong does go wrong? Sophisticated technology, constant change, increased complexity, and evolving dependencies hinder successful project implementation. Organizations across all industries face staggering project failure rates, wasting valuable time and resources on each failed project.

Overrunning the schedule or budget and underdelivering on scope and quality leads to failed projects that don’t meet expectations. When projects fail, it limits your organization’s ability to pursue new opportunities and gain a completive advantage in the market. But project failures hurt more than the company’s bottom line—they may also potentially impact your professional reputation and career growth.

When you partner with ThreeWill for project management solutions, we will work with you reduce risk, promote efficiency, implement projects that are in-line with business objectives.


As a Microsoft Partner for over 20 years, ThreeWill understands the challenges that technology-based projects can present.

ThreeWill has a team of experienced project managers who hold multiple certifications, including PMI-PMP/ACP, CSM, CSPO, and more. We have successfully guided our clients through hundreds of medium- and large-scale domestic and international projects utilizing both onshore and offshore teams.

Our approach emphasizes the critical role that people and their diverse range of skills, ideas, and personalities play—regardless of project tools and frameworks.

A Tailored Delivery Approach for Efficient Project Management

ThreeWill’s tailored project management solutions help you select the best tools and product delivery approach to ensure success. We are specialists in leveraging Microsoft 365 tools to successfully manage risks and uncertainty to help you deliver ongoing business value.

We have successfully delivered projects based on traditional plan-based (“waterfall”), adaptive (agile/SCRUM), and fit-for-purpose hybrid approaches. ThreeWill’s team of experienced project managers and SCRUM masters will partner with you to tailor a project implementation approach that fits the unique needs of your project.

Requirements analysis
Plan-Based (“Waterfall”) Project Management
  • Low technical and/or requirements uncertainty
  • Infrequent project changes
Adaptive (Agile/SCRUM) Project Management
  • High technical and/or requirements uncertainty
  • Potential for frequent project changes
Fit-for-Purpose Hybrid Project Management
  • Mixed levels of technical and/or requirements uncertainty
  • Blends predictability with adaptability based on the unique characteristics of the project

Ready to take the first step toward avoiding project risks and delivering successful technology projects?

  • Contact us for a free estimate for your project management needs.
  • Let us build a plan to guide you on a successful project implementation or let us manage your projects.
  • Partner with us in executing the plan.

Better Project Management Helps Avoid Project Failures

Agile Principles Improve Project Efficiency

Project management creates a roadmap that guides teams toward successful outcomes. As part of our formal project management approach, we emphasize agile principles that encourage a constant “inspect and adapt” mindset for improving project efficiency.

Coordination Increases Value Realization

Careful monitoring and control of project costs, along with scope completion velocity, helps to reduce costs and maximize the return on your investments. Our approach focuses on both reduced costs and increased benefits to enhance the return on your technology investments.

Risk Mitigation Helps Avoid Failure

Effective project management must include a formal risk management approach to identify, quantity, and avoid or mitigate key risks. Close coordination of implementation with adoption and change management workstreams ensures you maximize your realized benefits.

Exceed stakeholder expectations and build a foundation for ongoing project success.


A project is a collection of tasks that must be accomplished to reach a specific goal. Without an effective management strategy, teams will struggle to organize, track, develop, and deliver project requirements on time and within budget.

Disciplined project and program management is a core aspect of the ThreeWill culture. Our rich heritage in delivering successful projects can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow to reduce risk and manage uncertainty in your technology projects. Together, we can deliver projects that meet and exceed stakeholder expectations while providing a foundation of project best practices and governance to help you deliver ongoing value to your organization.

  • “ThreeWill came highly recommended to us. Through our due diligence process we had the distinct opportunity to meet with and learn from the experiences of some of their existing clients. It was clear that ThreeWill possessed a very collaborative working relationship with their clients and we experienced this first-hand. They helped us take our outdated SharePoint infrastructure for our extranet and conceptualize, build and launch a new site of essential operational and educational resources for our more than 250 schools nationwide. They challenged us to think out of the box and thus far the feedback from our highly active users on the site has been very positive.”
    Kim Miller
    Executive Director of PR & Communications, Primrose Schools
  • “ThreeWill already had a stellar reputation when we were first introduced to them. But, what really impressed us was their ability to go from new innovation concept to new product with such thoughtful design that it hit the bullseye. It's one thing to develop valued functionality, but quite another to deliver that with a compelling user experience that entices the user to adopt it. Kudos to ThreeWill for their skills in ideation, development, and product design, all with an eye toward creating customer value.”
    Jeffrey Siegel
    Vice President Strategy & New Business Development - Plantronics

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Better outcomes start with better management.

While every project is unique, each requires effective project management to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations and deliver ongoing business value.