Slack Migrations

Improve business collaboration and teamwork when you migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

Migrations are complex, requiring effective planning, communication, and training for success. ThreeWill’s migration services will help you consolidate collaboration into the Microsoft 365 platform.

Make the Most of Your Microsoft 365 Investments

Modernization is key to an organization’s ability to drive innovation and productivity.

With its seamless performance and coordination with other Microsoft 365 Services, Teams is an advanced, efficient alternative to Slack that makes it easier for users to coordinate and collaborate on various projects.

Maintaining Slack channels and workspaces requires additional cost and support. It also splits collaboration across multiple platforms, leaving users unsure of where to find and share information.

A Slack to Teams migration requires a one-time investment to free your organization from the need to spend heavily on the expensive annual Slack subscription.

Slack to Teams Migration

Partner with ThreeWill on Your Slack to Teams Migration Journey

Why Choose ThreeWill as Your Migration Partner? 

While collaboration should be centralized on a single platform, it’s also important to ensure that critical business continues throughout and after the transition from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

We understand that the migration from Slack to Teams can be challenging, requiring time and experience to ensure all critical content is migrated without disrupting business operations.

ThreeWill has extensive experience helping organizations successfully migrate to Microsoft Teams. As a result of our proven migration strategies, ThreeWill has recently been granted access to a new migration tool specifically built for Slack to Teams migrations.

We are well positioned to help guide you on your migration journey that ends in success. Your team can remain focused on their day-to-day business tasks with minimal disruption from the migration.

Ready to improve collaboration in Microsoft Teams? Your path to success is simple:

  • Identify what needs to be migrated
  • Receive our free, no-obligation estimate
  • Come to an agreement on scope, timelines, and cost
  • Migrate your Slack channels and workspaces to Microsoft Teams

How Does Your Team Benefit from Slack to Teams Migration?

  • Enhanced User Experience

    • Centralizing all collaboration on one platform means searches to find information will be more efficient and successful.
    • Users can communicate in public or private mode with features for direct message functionality.
    • Teams’ intuitive layout simplifies navigation and delivers a seamless work experience.

  • Secure Data Protection

    • All organizational data is protected with advanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication.
    • Moving to Teams removes the IT support burden of managing end-user access and permissions for multiple collaboration tools.
    • Teams has constant security feature updates and advancements to ensure your business is protected from new threats and attacks against your data in Microsoft 365.

  • Lower Overhead Costs

    • Teams does not incur any additional costs outside of your Microsoft 365 subscription.
    • Save money by eliminating high Slack licensing costs and maximize the investment in your Microsoft 365 environment.
    • Organizations that already use Microsoft Services will find Teams easy to use, reducing overall platform training and support costs.

Eliminate the frustration of additional costs and confusion from multiple collaboration platforms. Migrating to Microsoft Teams gives users clear direction on where collaboration occurs as well as one centralized location for the sharing and search of all organization related data.

  • “We worked with ThreeWill on a Jive - Microsoft 365 migration for a multinational client. The migration involved multiple territories and languages and considerable complexity. ThreeWill demonstrated exceptional rigour in their process, whilst using agile to respond to constant challenges that emerged at various points during the evolution of the project. Their clear communication to the client about their process, progress, and options meant that there was always alignment between them and the client and no surprises. Where they were asked to come up with options for meeting particular challenges, they had a transparent and consistent methodology which meant the client could make informed decisions. The technology solution itself resulted in an exceptionally high quality outcome, delivered on time and to budget.”
    Alan Richardson
    Partner at Oxzeon
  • “I am confident in ThreeWill's ability to help me succeed. More than just successfully delivering on a project but ensuring that the design and implementation are the correct cultural fit. Other reasons: listening, assessing, recommending, listening, considering, adapting, implementing, and sustaining,”
    Christopher Elwell
    Director, Financial Services and Insurance Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us extend Trove to meet our customer's needs. They helped us avoid costs for an existing subscription by connecting up Salesforce with SharePoint. Working with Eric was great - I appreciated the status updates and the burndown chart for understanding our budget. I also enjoyed the weekly meetings to update me on the status of the project. I was able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year because of this project.”
    Ellen Hunt
    IT Business Partner, Retail and Consumer Goods Industry
  • “ThreeWill helped us migrate from Jive to SharePoint. We were impressed with the methodology followed in the project. Standups and weekly reports were great communication. It was a particularly well-managed project - we had a highly committed team that met tight deadlines to make a year-end deadline. The project was under budget, and we were able to avoid an annual renewal fee that easily justified the project.”
    Dave James
    VP of Technology, Media and Entertainment Industry

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