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Tenant Migrations

Reduce business and technical risks during

Successful businesses are nimble. Having technology that keeps pace with their business is essential. Many organizations use mergers and acquisitions as an important piece of their business’s growth plan. At other times, organizations may look to divest business lines to remain agile. Managing the consolidation or divestment of Microsoft tenant workloads, including content management, messaging, and identity and access management, is a tedious and challenging process. Having an experienced partner guide the process is imperative.

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Key Benefits

Increase Security

Ensure your organization meets critical global GDPR, compliance and audit requirements.


Ensure external customers and partners can collaborate with your teams, but limit the information and content they are able to access.


Ensure your Microsoft Cloud solutions meet the critical security and compliance requirements of your InfoSec or Global Security organizations.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Enable teams to collaborate and innovate together to achieve successful business outcomes.


Enable the deliberate application of information, imagination and initiative in deriving greater or different values from people, processes and technology.


Enable Employee Self-Service for requesting information, posting questions, opening service tickets and more.

Employee Engagement

Enable Employees to establish “Communities of Interest” to share their thoughts, needs and experience.


Allow Employees to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with others in your organization.


Enable a learning organization by providing Employees with access to internal and external learning portals for continued Employee growth.

Key Testimonials

  • Miriam Cox
    “We worked with ThreeWill on a high-visibility project with a short runway. Thanks to the organization and collaboration that ThreeWill brought to the table, we completed the project on time and under budget. ThreeWill set the gold standard for how we will run projects and drive effective cross-vendor communications going forward.”
    Miriam Cox
    Director of Employee Communication and Engagement, AMD
  • “I appreciate the continued opportunity to work with the ThreeWill team…the experience in working with ThreeWill is so very different than the other vendors in this space and I appreciate that you make it easy to do business. We have accomplished a great deal and I look forward to whatever comes next.”
    Tricia Mercaldo
    Director, Collaboration Tools & Internal Communications - Fortune 500 Entertainment Company
  • “The ThreeWill agile process gets results quickly, without the need for gathering all the requirements up front. As needs change, so can the ThreeWill team.”
    Kimberly Eubank
    Executive Director - Customer Experience at Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

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