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SharePoint Conference 2009

It was great to see people in the SharePoint community (fellow partners, customers, and consultants) and we enjoyed supporting the Jive Booth (showing off Jive’s SharePoint Connector that we built with Jive).

A highlight of the conference was hearing Owen Allen, Sr. Product Manager for SharePoint ISV Partners, present “SharePoint as a Platform”. Owen said there has to be a perception change from “SharePoint as an Application” to “SharePoint as a Platform.” What we heard (from the conference and with discussions with Microsoft) is having ISVs and Enterprises connect, build, and extend SharePoint is critical to the future of SharePoint. Connecting, building, and extending “validates” the platform and the new features of SharePoint 2010 (see Kirk Liemohn’s Top 10 SharePoint 2010 features) will continue to maintain SharePoint as the best in breed web portal platform.

At ThreeWill, we have seen “SharePoint as a Platform” since the inception of SharePoint 2007. We have struggled with Microsoft backing that story (it has been more support for “SharePoint as an Application”). Steve Ballmer said early on with SharePoint 2007 that SharePoint is the new OS, but I think he was planting a seed to be harvested later and we think that time has come.

We are excited about delivering solutions built on top of the rich SharePoint API. The set of features that will be available in 2010 will be overwhelming. We look forward to helping our clients understand which of these features best map to their business problems. That being said, we see that SharePoint 2007 is a strong foundation and the development techniques (like Silverlight, AJAX, RESTful Web Services, and JQuery) we use today map well to the upcoming features and put us in a great place to take advantage of SharePoint 2010.

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