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We had the pleasure to meet up with Julian Diaz, Head of Marketing from a company named Qorus based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Fortunately for us, he has family in the area and was in town for the holidays so we could have a face to face.

I had Tommy and Pete join me for the conversation, given that the topic of SharePoint Document Generation is a topic that is near and dear to both of them. Julian shared a great demo of his product. The most impressive and beneficial feature was the template design and management features. Oh, if we only had this product available in our toolset 12 months ago.

Here’s a link to download the trial version of the software here –

You can watch pretty much the same demo that Julian shared with us in person. It has two parts:

  1. Part One – Watch how easy it is to use Qorus Document Generation to create and manage intelligent Word document templates for the rapid generation of high quality documents in SharePoint.
  2. Part Two – Watch how Qorus Document Generation would be used to rapidly generate a typical customer proposal document or batch customer communications using the intelligent Word document template created in.

Julian narrates both demos – I wish I had a cool accent like him. I’ll have to see if we can have him narrate videos for us…

Enjoy and feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about Document Generation with SharePoint or Qorus.

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