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Are you looking for Slack Enterprise Grid alternatives?  If you are heavily invested in Microsoft 365, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Microsoft Teams.

Back in November of 2016, Tommy and I discussed Slack vs Microsoft Teams.   We were using Slack for client projects and having great success.  But, it was obvious that when Teams came into existence that there was a real overlap with Slack.   We took it one step at a time and ended up moving everything from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

Tommy and I are now working on a program to help clients to move from the Slack to Microsoft Teams.  In particular, we’re going to focus on the Slack Enterprise Grid because, like with our Jive to Microsoft 365 Migrations, we focus on the needs of larger organizations (typically 10K users or greater).

If you’re looking to go after this, please reach out to me directly (especially if you’re an existing client or an enterprise based out of the Southeast US looking at Slack Enterprise Grid alternatives).  We believe to be successful with these large and complex migrations it requires more than just a tool – many of the 10 steps in the eBook “Large and Complex SharePoint Migrations” apply to any type of migration.

As we look at this, I wanted to share some helpful resources for you to take a look at as you investigate making the move (I’ll add to this as I find more in the future):

What have you learned when looking for Slack Enterprise Grid alternatives?  Leave a comment below.

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