Strategic Big Data

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Too Much Data and Not Enough Time

Big data is one of the biggest buzz words today in the world of IT.  It is almost used as much as “Cloud”.

As an enterprise integration company, ThreeWill is exposed to big data challenges with many of the Fortune 500 companies.  We see that most large enterprises still have the dream of one “Central Data Repository” and it is close to a futile effort.  The data that supports enterprise’s ability to provide their goods and services is constantly a moving target.  Standardization on software protocols and open APIs contribute to this being a moving target.  This application integration standardization allows best of breed products to be used together to support enterprise IT needs.  Having choices is good for a company, but the side effect is yet another data repository to incorporate into a company’s big data strategy.

This volume of data that comes from a variety of data sources can be quite a challenge to the consumer of the data.  The number of locations and volume of data can lead to users being overwhelmed and not having the time or patience to leverage the appropriate data needed to improve their effectiveness at work.  There needs to be intelligent aggregation and routing of this information so from this big data the user gets the right data at the time they need it.

Simplifying Big Data Through Contextual Intelligence

To not get overwhelmed with big data, we believe that you need to consume big data through “context”.  Real time filters that pick up on the context of your work.  Like an incoming call where your application can pick up on the phone number and then bridge that number with an email address to get into systems like Datahug to find relationships through your email server to find the strong connections that are derived from potentially billions of email messages.

ThreeWill’s product, Popcorn, has it’s crosshairs dead center on the challenge of big data spread across multiple systems.  We are attacking this problem by first connecting with Salesforce (along with Exchange through Datahug).  This is just a starting point for us and we have big plans for incorporating more sources that are proprietary to the company along with public sources like LexusNexis that enable businesses to know more about their customers from public data sources.

“Note that when it comes to the challenge of big data, you need to also consider public data sources leveraged by your business to effectively provide a good or service to your customer.  The challenge of big data is compounded by the need to leverage data from external data sources.  For example, when you look at a CRM system like Salesforce, you need to consider a strategy to integrate what your company knows about your customer or prospect with public sources like LinkedIn and LexusNexus to extend the information captured in CRM”

People today do not have the time to hunt down data.  They need data provided through their context.  ThreeWill sees that “context” will be a strategic component of how enterprises attack their big data challenges.

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As mentioned in my last “Predictions” Post, you can learn more about “context” through Plantronics’ website where there is a section of their developer community dedicated to Learning about Contextual Intelligence.

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