1. Next year’s conference will be at Las Vegas – https://twitter.com/maryjofoley/status/884394386330718208. Loved bringing the family to this year’s conference – may just be my wife to next year’s conference because Vegas is not so family friendly.
  2. Microsoft 365 + Windows + Enterprise Mobility and Security = Microsoft 365 – https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/10/15946450/microsoft-365-office-windows-ignite-launch We moved from SharePoint to Microsoft 365 and now I’ll have to add a Microsoft 365 tag to our blog.
  3. Love that Ron Huddleston is the new Channel Chief – he’s the person behind the AppExchange – we’ve created apps for both the AppExchange and the Office Store and trust me when I say that he can make a huge impact.
  4. Out with PAM, in with Channel Manager.
  5. Great to see integration with LinkedIn happening – attended a couple of sessions and this will give Salesforce a run for their money…
  6. Four Solution Areas – Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications and Infrastructure, and Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  7. 4.5 Trillion Dollar Opportunity – favorite meme – https://twitter.com/meetdux/status/884406836287479809
  8. Mobile First, Cloud First now Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge – https://twitter.com/Microsoft/status/884404594943590400
  9. Loved seeing women leading the demos – https://twitter.com/mrstotten/status/884419820233666560
  10. Feedback from the day – waited over an hour to get into Verizon Center (they weren’t letting people in until 9 am for some reason) – will be showing up early tomorrow to avoid the lines.

verizon center waiting

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