Summer Recap with the Star Intern – Oliver Penegar

Key Points

  1. Oliver had a diverse set of roles this summer ranging from helping out with front line questions on our website chat to producing and publishing podcasts on a weekly basis.
  2. Oliver achieved three certifications this summer – Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Hubspot Inbound Marketing.
  3. Oliver read a book that Danny recommended (called Lynchpin by Seth Godin) and learned about how to approach difficult problems by doing research first, framing out options and taking on solving the problem himself.

Conversation Highlights

  • The roles of a ThreeWill Marketing Intern – 1:56
  • Discussion about Marketing Certifications – 6:39
  • How to solve a problem (Hint: It involves a search engine) – 12:18

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Danny:Hello and welcome to the Two Bald Brothers and a Microphone podcast. Or should I say one bald brother here today. You’ve got lovely hair Oliver so don’t get rid of that. You need to keep your hair for as long as you can.


Oliver:Well actually need a haircut.


Danny:Oh well.


Oliver:Not as far as yours.


Danny:Not as far as, you’re not going to get it buzzed off, are you?




Danny:No, no, no, no, no, no. So we’re coming to the end of your internship. You mentioned this morning it was a quick summer.


Oliver:It went by so fast.


Danny:That means you had a good time.




Danny:That’s a good sign, that’s a really good sign. I wanted to do this podcast with you to summarize the stuff that you did this summer so that when you go back to school and six months from now, someone says, “What did you do this past summer?” You can go, “Just go listen to the podcast.”


Oliver:I’ll send them a link.


Danny:Send them a link. Here’s a link, go read this, or go listen to this. Excellent. You came in and made some, you and I joking around made some pretty bold claims that you were going to be ThreeWill’s best marketing intern or the number one marketing intern. Do you feel like you’ve earned the status?


Oliver:Oh yeah, definitely. Definitely lived up to the hype.


Danny:Excellent. Excellent, I love self-promotion. Self-promotion’s a good thing. You’re well on your way to becoming a beautiful marketer.


Oliver:Oh yeah.


Danny:If I go through, I’m just going to go through the website and what I said to you before you came out here which was what were you going to do as a marketing intern and so were assisting the vice president of business development, that’s me.


Oliver:Oh yeah.


Danny:With various marketing related activities. We ended up, if I go through the different stuff that’s out there, you got to a lot of this stuff. I’m amazed with how much stuff you were able to cover over the summer. It’s pretty good. Let me go through some of these things. You were publishing blog posts on WordPress, adding, editing images from Shutterstock and then I’d soon after that come and replace them with another image.


Oliver:Yeah. Big battle between what images.


Danny:This is a huge thing for me cause you know how time consuming this is, which is post production and publishing of podcast to SoundCloud, WordPress and transcripts on Rev.


Oliver:Surprisingly this is actually one of my favorite jobs to do. Just with all the editing and getting to play around and then when you post it you have a final product you can be proud of.


Danny:That’s nice. And when you head back to school, you’re going to continue to do this.


Oliver:I’m excited to.


Danny:Awesome, awesome. So that’s great. Hootsuite updates, that’s staying on top of social. That was, you were able to help out with that and continue to help out as you head back to school.


Oliver:And I never heard of Hootsuite before. Just got the name right for the first time. But it’s a great application, I love using it now, saves a lot of time.


Danny:And then we have bio updates, I had you helping out with those occasionally and the success stories and testimonials I needed to, I’ve got a little bit work on my end of going and getting more of those so I think when you’re around this summer I was quiet with that but I’ll probably pick that back up in the fall. Social stuff was discussed questions which is our commenting stuff, you saw that on our website. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn questions, continue to be the first line out there. That’s awesome.


Oliver:Face of the company.


Danny:Monthly newsletter, that one just because we only had a couple of them go out while you were to here, I continued on with that. Snap engaged, online chat on the website. So you were, you’ll continue to do this when you go back to school. Just having that run in the background so every once in a while.


Oliver:Get these complicated questions and then redirect them to the appropriate department.


Danny:You have the snippets to handle them, right? Okay, good, that’s good. You just have to answer the call and then redirect them. I appreciate that, that really helps me out quite a bit so I stay heads down on things.


Let’s see, SEO scores. Yost you went and did some stuff like updating the images, the featured images which helps out with social and some SEO and then learned more about Yost and what that is and SEO in general.


Oliver:That was probably the longest project I had go on cause that took almost a full week of just adding images, getting all the green lights on all the posts. It started off, it take me a while to get each post to green light but then near the end I was streamlining everything.


Danny:Folks who aren’t too used to, or don’t know what Yost is, it’s basically a social plug in for WordPress. It’s that and more. I should say SEO plug in. Green light is, is if you go in basically marking it up correct for certain keywords that you’re looking for and they give you a list of things that you can do to improve the page and for us, I think we get a lot of our majority of our website visitors are through somebody searching for our keyword on Google are shuttled to our site. Organic cause we just started with some paid search though. We’re going learn a lot about that.


Live events, helped with setting up, breaking down booths. This was the first week. Trial by fire.


Oliver:Oh yeah. I’ll remember the sign next time.


Danny:We’re good, we’re good. Help run webinars on Go to Webinars, that’s great. We’ll do the podcast over at Go to Webinar when you head back to school. That’s cool. Did I miss anything from this list?


Oliver:Pretty much covered everything. A lot of little tasks here and there.


Danny:And you got some certifications. What certifications did you get?


Oliver:That’s what I started off the internship with, pursuing these marketing advantages I could get going for myself. I got the analytics one first because I’d already had experience with analytics and so that one wasn’t that hard and it’s very useful especially to marketing.


Danny:Google analytics.


Oliver:Google analytics, yeah.




Oliver:Google’s the number one search so you want to be able to see what people are looking for. That one was super helpful, I use it every day.


Danny:Which test did you take for that? cause you have to take two tests?


Oliver:That one it was just the one analytics test.


Danny:It’s just one analytic, the AdWords was the two tests. Okay, gotcha.


Oliver:After that I did the Hubspot inbound marketing exam. That one’s just super helpful, knowing how to generate traffic because the market’s shifted from just throwing all your information out there to then trying to get the specific people that you want to have to your company, get them to come find you. Very helpful. It wasn’t too hard, I’m pretty smart.




Oliver:Then I did that AdWords and that one, that was the two exams. That one took a while to study for. But AdWords is super beneficial. Again Google’s the number one search that you want to have your ads show up on the number one search.


Danny:You’ve been listening in too when I make initial, when somebody contacts the company, and they’re like, and I ask them how did you find out about us. I searched on Google, it’s amazing how many times that is.


Oliver:Oh yeah.


Danny:It’s great, it’s one of those things you’ve probably seen some of the content that we put out there. We put a lot of technical content which is fine but also some of the ones that are more marketing, trying to capture the right people at the right time, like the one we were talking about earlier this week with the best share point partner in Atlanta.


Oliver:Oh yeah. That got your attention.


Danny:Got your attention like, how can you say that? Some of that content that we’re putting out there is trying to reach the right people at the right time which is a huge part of what marketing is.


Oliver:My second exam, you had to take two for it and my second was mobile. I thought that pretty important because mobile, everybody has a smartphone, everybody’s searching with their smartphone. That’s why we chose to do mobile as my second exam.


Danny:What did you learn about amp and what did you learn about menus for mobile?


Oliver:Mobile’s a completely different playing field than desktop and so to get someone actually stay on your website on a mobile phone is pretty challenging. You have to make it fast, you have to make it streamlined version of your normal website. You just kind of go through and pick and choose all the different menu bars you want from your main site and then pick the good ones, put it up on your mobile and make sure it’s all on one page, it’s quick and so your mobile users don’t, as soon as it takes more than three seconds to load they just go to the next person down on Google.


Danny:So what did you notice that you pointed out to me when you were looking at analytics? I think this was about midway through you noticed something interesting.


Oliver:It was actually tech was when I started and we noticed that we were, people were coming to our site on mobile phones but then they were leaving almost instantly. And that was not a good sign. And when we went and looked at it and our mobile bar just wasn’t working. Then we went and fixed and now our mobile views have gone up and people have actually stayed on the site and read what we have to read.


Danny:And we’ve improved the checked up and made sure all the pages were amp ready so that Google will return those in the search results as well. So we have a mobile version of the different blog posts that are out there which is cool. Then as soon as pages, the plug in doesn’t support pages yet, but as soon as that comes we’ll probably do the same where we check make sure everything can show up in mobile. And then you learned one of things that it was key to me is look for a WordPress plug in for something. cause you’re not a coder so you can’t go out there but you can look at plug ins and you can do some research on what different people are using out there. That was a good thing for you to learn.


Oliver:That’s what great about WordPress. It doesn’t work just find a different one.


Danny:And you wrote an article about what tool marketing tools. So we’ll link up to that from this conversation as well. Which was neat to see. You also, I think you had, you read a book on how to write copy that sells which we did a podcast on that.


Oliver:Yeah, I listened to the podcast, it was you and Tommy. And then I’d just went through the chapter of how to write copy that sells. It was pretty helpful. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.


Danny:Awesome. And then you read Linchpin which I had you read because I wanted you to have some key takeaways of I thought was good especially earlier. It’s probably one of those books I wish I read earlier in my career. I was trying my young Padawan, handing off some things. What was the big thing that you took away from reading Linchpin.


Oliver:Well something like I noticed but never put words to it and it’s that the factory systems dead. You’re not supposed to just follow orders. Some situations you are but not in marketing really. It’s more of like, plot your own course, find your way to make yourself indispensable, come up with what you need to do because every time someone tells you something to do, that’s a missed opportunity. It’s very helpful. It didn’t tell me exactly how to do it, I got to figure that out for my own, definitely pointed me in the right direction, it was a very good book.


Danny:And you were, we had a couple of great learning moments when you find something wrong, what’s the first thing I tell you once you find something wrong?


Oliver:Go Google it.


Danny:Go Google it and then find the solution to it and put into, we ended up using Wunderlist which we’ll move over to something else cause that’s not going to be around for much longer. I enjoyed it too, but hopefully it’ll, it was nice to work through that. You were good at, there’s this problem putting it in Wunderlist, going after it yourself and it’s going to be really important for you as you start your career cause I’m not spending my whole day coming up with things for you to do as you’re finding things, saying this is what I can go after, this is how, and also a part of it as well I think with Tommy and I want to tap into is what are you passionate about? What do you want to go do? cause you’re going to do a great job at that if you really want to go do that.


And so a lot of this is, there always be things that are part of your job that you just have to do and you just get those things done and they take a lot of willpower to get them done but there’s some things that fill you up and you want to do more of and can do all day long. Maybe it’s podcast production or whatever it is. It’s good for you, the thing is you got to know what those things are and communicate it to other people that you enjoy cause it’s, you think everybody has the same motivations, the same passions, they don’t. That’s important that you know what those things are and can communicate those to others.


What other things? Any other things that you picked up this summer in the internship? Any nuggets of wisdom?


Oliver:Really just kind of what you said, just go after it myself first. Always try it before I ask someone else for help.




Oliver:Like at the very beginning I would ask you and then your immediate reaction was go figure it out. I kind of picked up on that pretty soon. Well I should probably figure it out first before I go and ask him for help.


Danny:Have you Googled it yet? cause if you haven’t I’m going to give you some wise response. Wise, am I going to say the word? Response. So something, I want you to do your homework, that’s always … And a part of this as well is you’re seeing in this unique experience where I’m taking some of the stuff that I do on a daily basis and hand it off to you for you to go after and there’s going to be a day where you’ll do the same. Once you come back after you graduate and you’ll come back here and take on this and then some more.


Oliver:Oh yeah.


Danny:And eventually you’ll have your marketing intern and talk them through the same.


Oliver:That’ll be fun.


Danny:That’ll be surreal. That’ll be fun, that’ll be a lot of fun. Anything else before we wrap this up at all? You looking forward to going back to school? I mean I asked you that?


Oliver:Yeah I am. I’m looking forward to teaching my professors a thing or two.


Danny:You hear that? If you’re one of his professors, he’s going to teach you a thing or two.


Oliver:I’m going to enjoy me being your student.


Danny:What classes you’re going to take this fall?


Oliver:One digital marketing. I considered that class before I knew I was even interning here so I’m going in there and hopefully that’s an easy A now.


Danny:Nice, nice.


Oliver:And some international marketing which would just be helpful in general. Even if we’re not marketing internationally just to understand the markets and stuff. Hoping to learn a lot of really cool things.


Danny:Well we have international companies. You’ve heard the meetings over in London.


Oliver:Companies in India too that are always Googling us.


Danny:Absolutely. Cool, anything else? What other classes you taking?


Oliver:Some generics of business finance. That’s going to be a tough one.


Danny:Awesome, awesome. Cool. Well good luck in your senior year, go learn lots. Thank you for continuing to help as you head back too, I appreciate you doing that.


Oliver:Not a problem. It’s my pleasure.


Danny:That’ll help pay for the Jeep.


Oliver:Definitely help pay for the Jeep.


Danny:Awesome. Well thanks for taking the time to do this, thanks for producing the podcast and for all your help this summer, appreciate it and good luck this fall.


Oliver:Yeah, thank you so much.


Danny:Thanks everybody for listening. Bye bye.


Additional Credits

Podcast Producer – Oliver Penegar
Intro/Outro Music – Daniel Bassett

Danny RyanSummer Recap with the Star Intern – Oliver Penegar


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  • dannyryan - August 3, 2017 reply

    @disqus_of6idcUYzK:disqus – sorry we missed you for this recording – anything you’d like to say to Oliver before he leaves the “real world”?

    Tommy Ryan - August 7, 2017

    Oliver, thanks for your help this summer. I have enjoyed getting to know you over the summer as our first Iron Mountain Farms’ guest. I appreciate the work ethic you had as you learned and contributed to our marketing efforts. You have a great attitude about how you approached the internship and glad you enjoyed the experience. We also appreciate your help as you enter your senior year at CofC. Take it easy on your professors as you school them on how things are being done in the “real world.”

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