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Microsoft VIVA Requires a New Technology Perspective

Microsoft VIVA Requires a New Technology Perspective

Unless you’ve been living “off the grid” lately, you've probably already heard about Microsoft's recent announcement of "Viva," which Microsoft describes as an “employee experience platform”. Microsoft has spared no effort to promote Viva as the next “big thing”. If you are already working in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and have a role in technology leadership, are directly involved in technology implementation, or simply consider yourself a technologist, you may have had a somewhat cynical reaction similar to the one I had upon viewing the initial marketing pitch on Viva. I would summarize my reaction as: “yet another marketing wrapper
Coming Soon - Viva Connections

Coming Soon – Viva Connections

Ready or Not! Last month, I told you about a new feature that was going to be making its way to SharePoint online. Well, buckle up, because here comes another new feature, and it’s coming in hot. A few weeks ago, Microsoft surprised the world with their announcement of Microsoft Viva (view the announcement here) their new Employee Experience Platform, aimed at helping organizations improve the lives of their most important assets: their people. This platform, which consists of four products (for now): Connections, Insights, Topics, and Learning. I’m not going to get into the others, but my compatriot Jeff
ThreeWill Perspective On Microsoft Viva - The Employee Experience Platform

ThreeWill Perspective On Microsoft Viva – The Employee Experience Platform

Introduction Microsoft is leading the way in a new enterprise solution category with the introduction of Viva, an Employee Experience Platform (EXP). Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Corporate VP of Microsoft 365 Jared Spataro announced the platform designed to “reimagine the employee experience.” Microsoft estimates billions are spent every year on collaboration, knowledge management, training, and support with hundreds of vendors. Viva is a result of investments Microsoft has made in search, knowledge management, learning, and analytics; complimented by partnerships with many leading application vendors. The platform, or so-called “suite of applications”, will be presented in Microsoft Teams