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Provisioning in Office 365

Why Should I Care about Provisioning in Office 365? 

Bo George writes on Provisioning in Office 365. He provides examples for the automation of the provisioning of Digital Workplace assets.
SharePoint Tenant Consolidation

SharePoint Tenant Consolidation for Mergers and Acquisitions

Tommy Ryan shares what we've learned during recent project retrospectives about the top ten SharePoint tenant consolidation strategies/tactics to use during a merger or acquisition.
Auditing Microsoft Teams Edited Posts

Unable to Audit Microsoft Teams Edited Posts

IT Governance, Microsoft Teams /
Rob Horton shares what he learned recently on a project about whether you can audit Microsoft Teams to learn about content that was edited by end users.
changes in office 365

How to Keep up with Changes in Office 365

Tommy chats with Danny about how ThreeWill keeps up with the progression of technology around Office 365...
sharepoint like myspace

Is your SharePoint like MySpace?

Is your SharePoint like MySpace or Facebook? In this post, learn insights from Bo George.
Break Room Refrigerator Lesson and SharePoint Governance

Break Room Refrigerator Lesson and SharePoint Governance

Modern Workplace, IT Governance /
In this post we look at the break room refrigerator at work and consider what it can teach us about SharePoint governance.