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How Do You Test A Jive to Office 365 Migration?

Danny Ryan talks with Brandon about how he tests Jive to Office 365 Migrations. They discuss using both white-box and black-box testing.
SharePoint IIAB Report

SharePoint Intranet in a Box Market with Sam Marshall

Tommy and Danny Ryan of ThreeWill catch up with Sam Marshall to discuss the state of the SharePoint Intranet in a Box market in January 2019.
Jive Sizing Tool

How to Download the Jive Sizing Tool

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Learn more and download the Jive Sizing Tool - use this when working with ThreeWill to size the effort required to migrate to Office 365.
Azure Environments

Using Azure Environments for Platform Migrations to Office 365

Chris Edwards shares about how we use Azure environments when we are looking at migrating a client from one platform to Office 365.
Cha Cha Cha

Mapping Jive Content Types when Migrating from Jive to Office 365

Kirk Liemohn catches us up to date on the mapping of content from Jive to Office 365 and addresses changes with the latest updates in Office 365.
Estimating Jive Migrations

Estimating Jive Migrations to Office 365 with Bruce Harple

Danny Ryan and Bruce Harple talk about estimating Jive migrations - a conversation they have been having often with customers.
OneDrive for Business

How to Migrate Jive Personal Files to OneDrive for Business

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Kristi Webb shows off her mad skills in the post where she walks through the steps to migrate Jive Personal files to OneDrive for Business.

Scaling Up for Upcoming Jive to Office 365 Migrations

Danny Ryan catches up with Chris Edwards about recent projects and discusses how they got into Jive to Office 365 migrations ...
New SharePoint “Intranet-in-a-Box” Report for 2018

New SharePoint “Intranet-in-a-Box” Report for 2018

Danny Ryan is back with Sam Marshall and they go over the New SharePoint "Intranet-in-a-Box" Report and discuss the latest with Office 365 Intranets ...
Clearbox SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box

SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Report from ClearBox

Modern Workplace, Jive to Office 365 /
Learn more about this important report from ClearBox if you in the market to move your Intranet to Office 365 and need to decide on what to do.

Real World Jive to Office 365 Migrations with Eric Bowden

Danny Ryan sits down with Eric Bowden and dives into the real world of Jive to Office 365 Migration and what to expect...
Jive to Microsoft Costs

Guidelines for Jive to Microsoft Migration Costs

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If you're putting together a ROM budget for migrating from Jive to Microsoft costs, learn more about the guidelines that we use for clients.
jive service providers

Jive to Microsoft Migration eBook Excerpt – Questions to Ask Your Service Provider

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Read an excerpt from an upcoming Jive to Microsoft migration eBook. You can also join a list of people to be notified when the eBook is available.
SharePoint Intranet in a Box

The SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Market – Interview with Sam Marshall

Danny and Tommy Ryan speak with Sam Marshall from ClearBox about the current state of SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Market
action plans

Typical Action Plan for Jive to Microsoft Migrations

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What's a typical action plan for a Jive to Microsoft migration? Great question, here's our take based on many years of doing these types of projects.
why jive content to office 365

Why Move the Content from Jive into Office 365?

Danny Ryan shares a response from a recent email about why you should move your content from Jive to Office 365.
Jive to Office 365 Webinar

Migrating from Jive to Office 365 Webinar from February 2017

In this episode, Chris Edwards, Kirk Liehmon, and Danny Ryan give us some insight on moving from Jive to Office 365 Webinar.
migrator deep dive

Deep Dive into Migrator (Jive to SharePoint Sizing Tool)

Chris Edwards dives into Migrator - a tool that we use to help clients migrate from Jive to Office 365/SharePoint.
migrate from jive to sharepoint

Prepare to Migrate from Jive to SharePoint with this New Tool

Danny Ryan talks to Chris Edwards about the trial version of the Jive migration tool he's been working ...
jive to sharepoint migration

Ludicrous Mode – Update on the Jive to SharePoint Migration Tool

 Chris Edwards gives the latest update to the Jive to SharePoint Migration Tool (now with ludicrous mode).