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Delta Community Credit Union SharePoint Knowledge Base Implementation

Delta Community Credit Union M365 Cloud-Based Knowledge Base Implementation

Delta Community Credit Union is a data-driven financial institution that relies upon a robust knowledge base to enhance the overall banking experience for more than 430,000 members and to increase productivity among their employees. As a customer service tool, the organization’s central information repository is used to create, curate, maintain, and share articles, FAQs, and other troubleshooting guides that representatives access when fielding calls and fulfilling other requests from members. It also supplies content for the self-service support features of the company’s digital channels and mobile apps. At the operational level, the Delta Community knowledge management system allows team members
SharePoint-based Knowledge Base (KB) Solution

Financial Service SharePoint Knowledge Base Implementation

Client Profile A member-owned Virginia-based Community Credit Union focused on being the premier provider of financial services through their relationships with members, employees, and community. Situation The member-owned community credit union needed to implement a SharePoint-based Knowledge Base (KB) Solution that could replace a legacy KB Solution for multiple internal stakeholder groups as well as support API access for applications for members and customers. Solution  ThreeWill implemented a centralized Modern SharePoint Knowledge Base solution supporting a diverse set of stakeholder groups, including Knowledge Management Team (content admins & authors), internal (employee) consumers of content, external (members/customers) consumers of content, Information
Knowledge Base Strategy Planning

Knowledge Base Strategy Planning Project

ThreeWill came up with a solution for replacing a legacy Knowledge Base Strategy for a financial services organization with over 400,000 members.
CSR Knowledge Base Implementation

CSR Knowledge Base Implementation

See how we implemented a CSR Knowledge Base as a replacement of a legacy Knowledge Base system utilized by both internal stakeholders and customers.
SharePoint Online for Your Knowledge Base

5 Reasons For SharePoint Online as Your Knowledge Base

I did the hard work of researching SharePoint Online for Your Knowledge Base, discover why I believe this is a great option!