Tag: Slack to Office 365

slack to office 365

Migrating from Slack to Office 365

Danny talks with Tommy about why ThreeWill migrated off of Slack onto Office 365 for internal communication and why a company may consider migrating.
Azure Environments

Using Azure Environments for Platform Migrations to Office 365

Chris Edwards shares about how we use Azure environments when we are looking at migrating a client from one platform to Office 365.
slack enterprise grid alternatives

Slack Enterprise Grid Alternatives – Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for Slack Enterprise Grid alternatives? If you've invested in Office 365, you'll want to look at Microsoft Teams.
slack vs microsoft teams

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Tommy chats with Danny about Slack vs. Microsoft Teams, if you've ever wondered what the core differences are give it a listen, it's a good one!
yammer vs chatter vs slack

Yammer vs Chatter vs Slack?

 Danny and Tommy Ryan discuss using Yammer vs Chatter vs Slack and come to an unexpected conclusion.