Caroline Sosebee Software Engineer

Caroline Sosebee is a Software Engineer at ThreeWill. She came to us with 20+ years of software development experience and a broad scope of general IT support skills. As primarily a sustainment engineer, she has proven herself to be adept at multitasking and time management as she juggles support requests while also working as a team member on various projects.

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Caroline’s early years were spent working in a mainframe environment writing and maintaining applications written in COBOL.  She made the jump to general IT and client application development when she moved to a small manufacturing company close to home where, as the only IT person, she was responsible for all aspects of software development, network infrastructure and desktop support. This helped her develop strong troubleshooting and time management skills, as well as enhancing her ability to work independently and creatively to reach viable solutions for the users.

When Caroline is not at work she enjoys recreational kayaking, hanging out with her husband and two sons, spending time with her friends, reading and being involved in her local church.


Sustainment Software Engineer

On an ongoing basis, Caroline fields tickets and calls from our clients under sustainment agreements on order to help them resolve issues and implement enhancements within their specific SharePoint environment.  Tasks run the full gamut from adding O365 AD users and security groups, troubleshooting Nintex workflows for O365 or on-premises 2013, tracking down JavaScript form errors, SharePoint search configuration changes, HTML/CSS format tweaks and many other things.  Caroline also handles smaller enhancements that do not get spun up as a full-blown project for some of our sustainment clients as well.

Software Engineer – Microsoft 365 SharePoint Enhancement

Worked with the client to develop and implement a process for handling document approval and movement from a parent staging library out to a subsite library.  The solution utilized a global document ‘staging’ library, managed metadata for tagging content and a fairly complex SharePoint Designer workflow for document approval based on that metadata.

  • High-level summary of tasks
    • Created document staging library to capture content that needs approval and disbursement.
    • Heavily used managed metadata for document tagging and determining the content owner for document approval.
    • Created complex SharePoint Designer workflow (2013) for document approval that included handling managed metadata, HTTP web service calls out to subsites, assigning approval tasks and sending notifications.
    • Created SharePoint custom action to handle posting the approved document from the staging library out to the appropriate sub-site library.

Software Engineer – Multiple SharePoint 2010 Site Migrations to SharePoint 2013

As a team member, worked on the migration of custom applications from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 for a large telecommunications company – multiple sites and customizations.

  • High-level summary of tasks
    • Helped re-architect forms for increased performance and usability in SharePoint 2013
    • Developed custom front-ends to interact with SharePoint using AngularJS
    • Extracted existing server-side logic into client-side code, removing the need for deploying sandboxed SharePoint solutions
    • Helped in migrating existing SharePoint 2010 content to SharePoint 2013
    • Used PowerShell for repeatable provisioning tasks such as creation of content types, site columns, lists/libraries, file uploads and workflow deployments

Software Engineer – SharePoint 2013 Custom Development and OOTB Configuration

Performed full-cycle software development for a state government agency, including requirements gathering, proof of concept, development and implementation of custom applications.

  • High-level summary of tasks
    • Work with business analysts to define business needs
    • Create new sites and site collections for various departments
    • Define and provision custom lists and libraries, content types, document sets
    • Create SPAs (single page applications) for capturing form submissions
    • Develop custom client-side code using JavaScript and jQuery to support business needs
    • Develop SharePoint Designer workflows to manage notifications and approvals across applications
    • Develop Nintex workflows and forms
    • Configure third-party Extranet Collaboration Manager software to support forms-based authentication and management of external users
    • Create and implement server-side list event receivers to support business needs
    • Create and manage custom list views and web part pages

Software Engineer – Salesforce Chatter Integration

Worked as a team member on developing a JavaScript-based client solution for Salesforce Chatter integration that could be shared across multiple web-based platforms for a multinational nonalcoholic beverage corporation.

  • High level summary of tasks
    • Helped develop and test a Chatter group feed module that can be added to any web-based platform
    • Coding to handle sharing links, likes, @mentions and tagging


Caroline has a BS degree in Industrial Management from Auburn University and loves supporting her Tigers (through both the good times and bad).



Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Nintex, Subversion (TortoiseSVN), Team Foundation Server, Git, Crystal Reports


SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft 365, CSOM/JSOM, REST


JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PowerShell, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, JSON, C#, .NET, MS SQL, OS/VS COBOL, Visual FoxPro


Software Development Lifecycle, Agile/SCRUM, Object Oriented Programming