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Kirk Liemohn

Kirk Liemohn is a Principal Software Engineer at ThreeWill. He has spent nearly a decade helping clients transform and migrate their content from one platform to another (typically to Microsoft 365) with a focus on the more complex scenarios. Prior to his transformation focus, Kirk led several key SharePoint integrations at ThreeWill including Jive, Polycom, and Confluence.

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Kirk Liemohn started out on UNIX in the 1990s but transitioned to Microsoft technologies and has over 20 years on the Microsoft platform. He has had a deep focus on SharePoint since 2007, on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365 and BPOS) since 2013, and on Azure since 2014. Kirk’s focus over the last several years has been around complex transformations and migrations to Microsoft 365.


Transformation Practice:

  • Technical lead and/or architect on several Jive to Office 365 migrations. This involves working with the client to come up with a migration plan, assisting the client with change management and communication, leading the development team in new utility features, and managing the burn-in test, pilot, and production processes.  As part of these efforts, Kirk also:
    • Led the effort to take new utility features and process practices and put them back into the core codebase/documentation for future migrations.
    • Led the effort to standardize our migration environment on Azure using VMs, Azure SQL, managed disks, key vault, and secure point-to-site VPNs.
  • Led the Jive to Office 365 Migration Workshop for over a dozen clients (and assisted in others). This is a two-week effort involving a two-day workshop, requirements gathering, and a migration proposal.  Also led the effort to improve ThreeWill’s workshop materials and sizing tool implementation.
  • Assisted with the migration analysis and/or actual migration from SharePoint on-prem to Office 365. Includes analysis of existing sites to identify complex migration needs (applications or features that won’t migrate via lift-and-shift), managing the wave planning, assisting with change management/communications, PowerShell scripts for provisioning, usage of 3rd party tools for migration, as well as tools for inventory.
  • Technical lead for Microsoft FastTrack migration from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365 by filling in gaps between the client’s needs and the FastTrack scope. This included writing PowerShell scripts to cover some missing features, managing the wave and user mapping, and helping communicate migration policies (scope).
  • Led the effort to migrate several applications from one version of SharePoint to another. Initially, this was from on-prem (e.g., SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 or 2016) but now the focus is migrating applications from on-prem to Office 365.  These typically involve taking a server-side architecture (sandboxed applications, timer jobs, event handlers) and re-architecting them to work using “cloud-ready” client-side technologies (Angular, CSOM, REST).
  • Performed analysis and automation of Office 365 Dedicated to Multitenant. Primary technologies/tools included Metalogix and PowerShell.  Scripts were used to orchestrate automated migration across several Azure VM migration nodes.

Collaborative Applications:

  • Architect and technical lead for modernizing an application used to display pricing details for a large telecommunications company. Previous version relied on a Click Once application and PDF templates.  The new design will make use of the HTML Canvas API and React/SPFx.
  • Architect and technical lead for creating a printable “daily report” for a sports franchise. The solution used Angular, CSOM, and REST to pull report data out of SharePoint Online and used CSS media queries in order to print out the report with the appropriate size.
  • Architect for cloud-based onboarding solution for a sports franchise. The team has 15 hiring managers that review about 2400 applicants and then hire and terminate over 800 seasonal employees a year.  The solution used SharePoint Online for HR access and Azure for external (applicant) access and involved Azure Websites, Azure SQL, SendGrid, Razor, Bootstrap, integration with a 3rd party talent scoring agency, and a custom state machine.


  • Architect and technical lead for the development of a connector between SharePoint and Polycom/Accordent video management system. Solution involved SSO and SAML, SharePoint search indexing via BCS (full and incremental), custom search results user interface, custom search security trimmer, search refiners, and custom web parts.
  • Architect and technical lead for the development of a connector between SharePoint and Jive enterprise collaboration system. Solution involved integrated search, content embedding, SSO, security trimming, web parts, administrative controls, SharePoint workflow integration, and remote entitlements (honoring SP security in an external product).
  • Architect and technical lead for the development of a connector between SharePoint and Confluence enterprise wiki. Solution involved SSO, web parts, and search integration.


Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Cooperative Plan
  • Graduated with Highest Honor
  • Computer Engineering certificate
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology certificate

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