Kristi Webb

Kristi Webb Senior Consultant

Kristi Webb is a Senior Consultant at ThreeWill. She has over 18 years of software development experience working on software solutions and integrations for enterprise and product solutions. Her passion is applying technology solutions to solve business problems and improve efficiency.

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Senior Consultant – Jive to SharePoint (Office 365) Migration for a Multinational Semiconductor and Telecommunication Equipment Company

The technical solution involved O365 SharePoint Communication Sites, Modern Pages and Web Parts provisioning, .NET C#, JSON, SQL Server, Entity Framework, and use of the Jive v3.0 API.

  • Provisioning and creating Modern Site Home Pages with OOTB Web Parts with custom settings in O365.  This allowed automatic creation of standard Home Pages that display Upcoming Events and Most Recently Updated Pages in each site that was migrated to O365.
  • Enhanced the ThreeWill J2SP tool to handle the optional, add-in Jive Photo and Photo Album data types.  Due to some Jive API limitations, also prepared process to extract Photo Album information from Jive database to complete the migration process.  Photo Albums are created as document libraries in O365.

Senior Consultant – SharePoint 2013 Pricing Application for a Large Telecommunications Company

The technical solution involved SharePoint 2013, JavaScript/jQuery, JSON, NodeJS, NPM, Angular CLI

  • Helped develop a pricing application solution to manage the pricing of devices and SKUs for consumer-based products as well as smartphone payment plans.
  • The application included SOX compliance audit traceability and change management; publishing of subsets of pricing data to various internal teams with security controls to limit access to device cost data.  The pricing reports manage all device pricing changes that are distributed out to thousands of retail stores.

Senior Consultant – Jive to SharePoint (Office 365) Migration for a World’s Top 10 Health Care Company

The technical solution involved O365 (OneDrive for Business), .NET C#, JSON, SQL Server, Entity Framework, and use of the Jive v3.0 API.

  • Developed solution to migrate Jive personal content to OneDrive for Business in O365
  • Developed PowerShell IE Automation script to run against Jive application and set Jive Space permissions to read-only, since no API options were available
  • Updated Jive Migration tool to incorporate the concept of applying announcements to Jive Places using Wave Numbers, which allowed all batch migration activities to be applied consistently across all migration tasks.

Senior Software Engineer for a Large Education and Training Company

  • Worked extensively on integrations and transitions into corporate technology systems, as well as identifying best solutions that met cost, performance, efficiency and compliance requirements
  • Managed eCommerce replacement vendor analysis and comparison, and identification of qualified vendors.
  • Responsible for Maintaining Technology Roadmap, Managing Key Re-platforming and Technology Enhancement Projects for rapid growth segment of the Professional Training business
  • Defined key business and technical requirements for re-platform project
  • Ensured all systems and processes met PCI compliance and identified and implemented any necessary changes to ensure compliance. Helped identify and apply technology solutions to ensure PCI compliance.
  • Worked on SOX Compliance technology controls for all websites and systems that handle monetary transactions
  • Primary Developer responsible for custom development in customer portal website and integrations with third-party websites, as well as enhancements for a public-facing SharePoint website. Also responsible for administration and deployment of these customer-facing websites.

Senior Software Engineer for a Small Training and Membership Company with 30%+ growth rate

  • Responsible for development, deployment, and production maintenance of a public-facing, subscription-based news and information website built with Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and integrated with to support SAML SSO with Salesforce as the IdP.
  • Developed customizations for over three years, including SAML Single Sign-On integrations between Salesforce and both internal and third-party managed customer-facing websites.
  • Prepared all technical documentation and presented/answered technical questions for potential buyers during the acquisition process. Included managing and documenting the technology roadmap, application integration and architecture diagrams, network and system diagrams, as well as documenting all IT managed resources, including third-party managed systems that were business-critical.
  • Identified and assessed alternative hosting provider with improved security controls for our Marketing websites to address issues on a previously third-party hosted platform.
  • Implemented many Salesforce platform operation efficiency enhancements to help support an incredible double-digit sales growth rate for many years, with increasing growth percentage year over year for 5+ years.
  • Helped with the development of new in-house website application by reviewing third-party developer code and hiring of a new internal team, including JAVA coding assessment tests and interviews, which then led to development and maintenance of the application in-house.

Senior Software Engineer for a CRM Software Product Company

  • Programmed several web-based CRM products in a team environment where my responsibilities included design, implementation, testing, maintenance, and documentation. Included ASP.NET C# and ASP Visual Basic applications running against SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Worked with customers to define Sales and Marketing related enhancements in CRM product that improved operations and efficiency in these key business areas.
  • Added third-party applications to the core CRM application, including Crystal Reports, Business Objects Analytics, and a Hummingbird Search Engine. The Crystal Reports integration into the ASP.NET CRM application allowed dynamic filter criteria data to be pushed into reports at runtime.
  • Provided professional services support for various customers which included requirements gathering, design, custom code modifications, and testing.
  • Worked on a Call-Scripting Application that was used by a large European government entity to manage individual pension accounts and provide customer service to all Pension recipients.
  • Managed the build process including packaging for several generations of the CRM application using both Install Shield and Visual Studio.


Southern Polytechnic State University (now part of Kennesaw State University), M.S. Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. Polymer & Textile Chemistry



C#, PowerShell, ASP.NET, AJAX, XML, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Apex, PHP, Transact SQL, SOQL

Development Tools:

Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, SharePoint Designer, Explorer

System Services and Protocols:

SharePoint 2016/2013/2010/2007, OneDrive for Business, .NET framework, Web Services, API, SMTP


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access


Windows Server, Salesforce, Linux

Software Development Process:

Full Software Development Lifecycle, Scrum, Object-Oriented Programming