Rob Horton

Rob Horton is the Executive Director of Transformation at ThreeWill. His experience includes over 25 years leading software architecture, design and development focusing on support tools, automation and e-commerce for large corporations and his own small businesses.

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Rob Horton is passionate about automation and applying state of the art technology to time-tested processes. This passion helps drive innovation throughout all the Transformation service offerings; from automating non-value-add migration activities to keeping business-critical applications efficient and relevant. Rob excels at creating a vision for what comes next and building the support needed to make things happen. He is most comfortable in a leadership role and, as a manager, has been helping individuals achieve success for nearly two decades.

Early in his career, Rob spent a decade at a Fortune 100 company focused on service automation development, leading a world-wide provisioning service program. For the next ten years, Rob launched and operated several e-commerce companies that used technology and automation to lower operational costs, increase workflow efficiency and improve the overall bottom line. Finally, Rob brought his business and technology experience to ThreeWill as a Senior Consultant and, most recently, as the Executive Director of Transformation.


Studied Computer Science at Yale University



Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio Code, SharePoint Designer


C#, JavaScript, T-SQL, PowerShell, XSLT


SQL Server, MySQL

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