Now that the tax deadline (at least for our US readers) is rapidly approaching, we are once again reminded of the importance of having a great CPA. Our CPA, Brad Pearce, has been with us through a majority of the ten years and he has proven himself a trusted team member. A small (and growing) company like ThreeWill needs just that, a team of business partners, in order to be successful long term. This month we wanted to recognize Brad as one of the best of those people that has provided services to support our stability and growth.

Early Years

We were first referred to Brad from a former ThreeWill Hero, Nick Calivas. Nick recommended the firm that Brad was working for at the time. Working closely with Brad, we liked how he patiently worked with us on everything from how to properly use QuickBooks to answering sometimes basic, sometimes complicated, tax questions. When Brad made the move to work independently we followed him because we felt like he couldn’t be replaced. Even with him moving across Georgia to Macon, we felt like this was the right move for us. And it was.

ThreeWill Loves Brad

We love seeing him at our bi-yearly meetings – he always comes well prepared and ready to help us make sound financial decisions. Brad has been with us through good times and bad; this includes the recent recession. Now, he’s helping us make good decisions as the steady growth that we saw last year builds to what looks like another record year of growth for us. And back when Tommy was out for cancer treatment, like Nick, he kicked in and helped us make the right moves to keep us going and weather the storm.

Thanks to the Whole Extended Team

There are a number of other business partners like Brad that have helped us over the last ten years. They include Jason Jones from Cresa Partners, Craig Belisle of GV Financial Advisors, Joe Dennis and Johnny Carruth from Northwestern Mutual, John Grimsley from Highwood Properties, Mandy Riley of Ellis Avery Photography, Casey Picker of Lamplight Media, and Diane Baker from Baker Law Group. All these folks come highly recommended – the links are to their public LinkedIn or Facebook profiles or if you want to follow up with them.

Thanks Brad

In the end, Brad is dependable, accurate, and a vital part of Team ThreeWill. He has earned our trust through the years and we are so grateful for the quality of service he provides. We look forward to many more years of working together. If you are looking for a CPA that you can trust for your small business, please feel free to contact Brad and let him know that we referred you to him –

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