ThreeWill has been steadily transitioning over the last five years to focus more and more on software companies to bring commercial products to the market. This month we want to recognize the leader of one of the key companies that we have worked with recently…Gary Heath, CEO of Informative Graphics (IGC).

Our Introduction to Gary Heath and Informative Graphics

We were introduced to Gary through Owen Allen, last month’s ThreeWill Hero. Gary was looking to bring robust SharePoint integration to a couple of key products in his product suite, including Brava and Redact-It. Our initial conversations went great – Gary was up front about what they were trying to accomplish and how ThreeWill could help. I remember talking with Tommy about my conversations with Gary and mentioning that if they work as openly and as honestly during the product development phases of the project, then we have a chance to create some awesome software together.

Working Together

Fortunate for us, the conversations did move beyond initial discovery and we had the chance to work together on delivering new versions of software together. What we quickly found out is that Gary has put together a great company – we’ve really enjoyed working with folks like Andy Lowe (we love working with you Andy!), Jim Bennett, Ramona Ferrara, Chrisman Smith and Jeff Herding. The team has the characteristics that work well for us — innovative, no-nonsense, able to make and keep commitments (like many of our shared values). The team had plenty of knowledge of SharePoint (our favorite clients are sophisticated buyers) so we were able to work together to do some pretty incredible stuff — or produce what Gary likes to call “highly useful coolness.”

Ecosystem Discussions

It’ s been exciting to be a part of conversations with IGC and other software companies. We had some interesting conversations with the Microsoft FAST Team and more recently, look forward to seeing IGC develop a relationship with Jive Software. IGC has mature integrations with Documentum, OpenText and IBM. As a new partner, we enjoyed making some hopefully beneficial introductions with some other companies that IGC could possibly work with in the future.

Trip To Phoenix

Tommy and I had the pleasure of making a trip out to Phoenix earlier this year to meet Gary and the team in person. We were able to celebrate the victories of shipping software and make solid plans to ensure smooth deployments to the field. It’s great to put a face with the name. We came out of the visit even more excited about the opportunity to work closer with IGC and encouraged about the future.

What’s A Partnership?

One of the things that has impressed me most is how much Gary has looked out for ThreeWill’s interests. There have been a lot of conversations where Gary would interject about whether different decisions were in the best interests of ThreeWill. A lot of people talk about partnerships, but to be quite honest in most cases this is more lip service than anything (I have a running joke that goes…with partners like this, who needs competition?). A wise man once shared with me…”A definition of a good partner is someone who looks out for your interests more than their own.” When you realize that this is the case, you want to do whatever you can to look out for them. This has been the case with Gary.

Thanks Gary!

Thanks Gary for being a ThreeWill Hero – thank you for trusting us to work together and we look forward to doing some great things together in the future. We started the company ten years ago in hopes that we could work with innovative and caring people like you — it’s great that our paths have crossed and we wish you and your company all the business success that you can handle… 🙂

A Word From Gary

Gary had the following to say about being recognized as a ThreeWill Hero…

Thanks ThreeWill for the recognition — we’ve enjoyed working with you guys and I’m really happy with our latest releases that we worked on together. We appreciate the high level of quality people that you put on the project — Eric Bowden and Sean Hester have been fantastic to work with… We look forward to working together in the future and congrats on reaching the 10 year mark!

Thanks Gary for having us help out and thanks for being a ThreeWill Hero!

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