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Our first selection for ThreeWill Hero was about as easy as it gets. Nick Callivas has been one of our biggest advocates through the years – giving us a chance to move beyond just the founders working at ThreeWill and then coming to our aid during one of our most trying times.

The Early Years

Tommy and I first had the pleasure to work with Nick while at a company called ExtremeLogic. ExtremeLogic was a great company to work for with incredible people (as attested by the fact that many ThreeWiller’s worked at ExtremeLogic). Nick lead up the effort for the client’s side. Your first impression of Nick is that he can be intimidating – but he is a straight shooter. Tommy and I love to work with hardworking, honest people – a description that clearly describes Nick. While on the project, we had a chance to get to know Nick and I think it’s safe to say we shared mutual respect for each other.

Giving Us A Chance

There is a typical pattern for a small company to grow. In order for a company to move beyond its founders it must build a backlog of work. This is especially true for self-funded service companies. This backlog of work typically comes from one client, commonly referred to as an anchor client. A couple of years after ThreeWill’s founding in 2001, we were ready to move beyond plan C (writing books and content for Microsoft events) and plan B (training and seminars). Nick gave us the chance to work on what we consider our first enterprise consulting project for ThreeWill. With the success of that project, we were given the opportunity to help out with over a dozen successful projects over the next couple of years. This gave us the opportunity to hire our first employee, Mr. Tim Coalson. We are so grateful for Nick giving us the chance to work with his team and helping us to grow as an organization.

Five Years In

Around the fifth year into our journey at ThreeWill, Tommy had a re-occurrence of cancer (read Tommy’s Cancer Journey). As you can imagine, this put a lot of plans on hold. When Nick heard about the situation, he resigned from his job and came in and filled the gap as Tommy was out of town undergoing treatment at MD Anderson. Besides helping to keep Danny sane, Nick was a cherished edition to the team. He taught us terms like WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) to build persuasive sales discussions and to help drive adoption of deployments. He helped make sure that projects continued to be delivered at the high standards. We cannot be grateful enough for what Nick did to help ThreeWill get through this difficult time.


To this day, Nick continues to provide guidance to ThreeWill and everyone loves to see him drop by the office and at company get-togethers. The whole ThreeWill team wants to thank Nick for all that he has done for us through the years. He is truly a ThreeWill Hero.

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